Gout & RA

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  1. Colchicine
    • inhibits microtubule formation
    • inhibits PMN activity
  2. Glucocorticoid
  3. Probenecid
    inhibit uric acid reabsorption in kidney
  4. Sulfinpyrazone
    inhibit uric acid reabsorption in kidney
  5. Benzbromarone
    inhibit uric acid reabsorption in kidney
  6. Allopurinol
    Xanthine oxidase inhibitor

    (needed for break down purine and make uric acid)
  7. Febuxostat
    xanthine oxidase inhibitor
  8. what should you watch out for when giving Probenecid or Allopurinol?
    • initiation therapy may induce pain
    • treat with NSAIDs at start
  9. what adverse effect should be aware of when using Allopurinol
    • Sever & Fatal Skin rash!!!!
    • stop treatment immediately!!!
  10. Major contraindication when giving glucocorticoids
    • Diabetes patients! causes hyperglycemia
    • intra-articular injections can cause synovitis
  11. Adverse effect of Cochicine
    • Stage 1 - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
    • Stage 2 - aplastic anemia, rhabdomyolysis, DIC

    Recovery - BM suppression, Alopecia
  12. Capasaicin
    • tropical analgesics
    • cause depletion of substance P
  13. Methotrexate
    inhibits Dihydro-Folate reductase

    (inhibits DNA synthesis)
  14. Leflunomide
    inhibit Dihydro-Oratate Dehydrogenase

    (inhibit T cells)
  15. Azathioprine
  16. What do you give to reduce toxicity of Methotrexate
    Folic Acid
  17. What are the DMARD? (Disease Modifying Anti- Rheumatic Drugs)?
    Methotrexate, Leflunomide, Azathioprine
  18. What should be watched out for when giving DMARD
    • Liver toxicity & BM suppression
    • watch out for infections (vaccine, latent, chronic, active)
  19. Etanercept
    TNFa blocker
  20. Adalimumab
    TNFa blocker
  21. Infliximab
    TNFa blocker
  22. Anakinra
    IL-1 blocker
  23. Abatacept
    CD28 (co-stimuation) blocker
  24. adverse effect of TNF blockers
    • exacerbate CHF
    • malignancy
  25. TNFa are used in?
    RA, psoriasis, crohn's disease (except Etanercept)
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