Mod G Unit 4 Theory Test Review END OF MOD

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  1. What is the approximate age of the child represented in this model? 
    A) 5 years old
  2. at what age does the first permanent molar erupt?
    C) 6 years old
  3. Average primary teeth begin to erupt:
    C) 6 months after birth
  4. The Wharton's duct opens:
    C) at the floor of the mouth
  5. The Stenson's duct opens:
    A) on the buccal mucosa opposite the maxillary second molars
  6. The following are major salivary glands EXCEPT the:
    D) Lachrymal gland
  7. The vestibule lies between the:
    A) buccal gingiva and the cheek
  8. A triangular prominence on the chewing surfaces of posterior teeth:
    D) Cusp
  9. A pit can be best described as:
    A) a tiny hole or depression in the enamel
  10. A fissure can be best described as:
    C) 2- Occurs because there is an imperfect joining of enamel. & 4- Narrow linear depression among the developmental groove on the occlusal surface of posterior teeth.
  11. The molars each have a lobe for each:
    B) cusp
  12. (MATCH) Overbite
  13. (MATCH) Overjet
    D (will also take B) 
  14. (MATCH) Class 1 Malocclusion
  15. (MATCH) Class 2 Malocclusion
    B (will also take D) 
  16. (MATCH) Crossbite
  17. (MATCH) Linguoversion
  18. (MATCH) Class 3 Malocclusion
  19. The cuspid in this photo is malpositioned. Which term describes it's location? 
    B) Linguoversion
  20. The photograph to the right is a picture of which tooth? 
    D) Maxillary first molar
  21. What do the shaded areas represent? 
    C) Fossae
  22. use the photo to locate the following
    • 22. disto-buccal groove: C
    • 23. Central groove: E
    • 24. Mesio-marginal ridge: B
    • 25. Lingual groove: A 
    • D???? Disto-marginal ridge???? Anyone??

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Mod G Unit 4 Theory Test Review END OF MOD
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Mod Unit Theory Test Review END MOD

Mod G Unit 4 Theory Test Review END OF MOD
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