Mod G Cumulative Vocab

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  1. DistalĀ 
    away from the trunk
  2. proximal
    next to
  3. Regenerative Medicine
    creating new tissues from stem cells
  4. stem cell
    makes new tissues
  5. compact bone
    dense bone
  6. osteoblasts
    cells that form bone
  7. osteoclasts
    bone destroying cells
  8. dental sealant
    covers the pits and fissures of the teeth
  9. disclosing agent
    makes plaque visible
  10. pontic
    replaces a missing tooth
  11. preventive dentistry
    patient education to reduce plaque
  12. systemic fluoride
    ingested fluoride
  13. clinical crown
    the portion of the tooth that is visible in the oral cavity
  14. fulcrum
    finger rest
  15. dental fluorosis
    excessive fluoride
  16. calculus
    hardened plaque
  17. gingivitis
    inflammation of the gums
  18. subgingival
    below the gums
  19. supragingival
    above the gums
  20. anorexia nervosa
    food restriction and fear of gaining weight
  21. bulimia
    eating disorder; binge eating and vomitting
  22. cariogenic
    promotes tooth decay
  23. organic
    no pesticides used
  24. bone augmentation
    to add or take away bone
  25. furcationĀ 
    draw picture of the furcation area
  26. osteoplasty
    reshaping bone
  27. periodontal dressing
    used after gum surgery
  28. ultrasonic scaler
    to remove calculus
  29. cariology
    the science of dental caries
  30. cavitation
    formation of cavities
  31. fluoride
    strengthens enamel
  32. incipient caries
    beginning of tooth decay
  33. remineralization
    replacement of minerals in the tooth
  34. plaque
    bacteria on the teeth
  35. rampant caries
    rapid decay
  36. xylitol
    antibacterial ingredient
  37. xerostomia
    dry mouth
  38. light-cured
    using a curing light
  39. microleakage
    leakage between the sealant and the tooth
  40. dental sealant
    covers the pits and fissures of the teeth
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