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  1. Hundred Year War
    • First national war between England and France.
    • England loose most land held in France.
    • Typical knight replaced by land owners (yoemen) w/long bows.
  2. Magna Carta
    • signed by King John in 1215 (forced)
    • took power from pope and king
    • nothing to common people and more to aristocrats
    • basis for English constititution
  3. Henry II vs. Thomas Becket
    • Henry:
    • King of English and best friends with Thomas
    • Husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine
    • Sons work against him
    • Richard and John (sons) become king

    • Thomas Becket:
    • Archbishop of Canterbury
    • England's highest religious office
    • conflict w/Henry II, murdered on stairs of Canterbury Cathedral
  4. Problems with Crusades
    • heavy armor in hot sands of middle east
    • six months walking
    • went through Jewish villages, got them on the way
  5. Crusades
    • England to middle east
    • 1095-1270
    • believed had better chance to get to heaven
    • Richard I held for random by Leopold of Austria
    • Robin Hood
  6. Courtly love
    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  7. Chivalry
    • rules knight must follow-regulated behavior of gentlemen according to fixed moral principles
    • 1.loyal to feudal obligations
    • 2. generous to church
    • 3. respectful of church
    • 4. don't break an oath (even fights)
  8. women in the middle ages
    • few rights
    • ruled by father, husband, or brother
    • not allowed to own land
    • raise children or become nun
    • marriage for politics
    • husband dies, money goes to son
    • misogyny
  9. Battle of Hastings
    October 14, 1066
  10. Middle Age (date)
  11. Edward the Confessor
    • dies with no heir, blood ties, recommends Harold as King
    • Duke William of Normandy says he was promised throne
    • Harold says too bad, William raises army
    • Norman invasion, becomes William I 1st king of middle ages
    • Harold-killed in battle
  12. Bayeux Tapestry
    • 220 feet
    • records Battle of Hastings
  13. William I
    • got fat
    • didn't fit in coffin
    • drops out
    • intestines spill
  14. William I's children
    • Rufus and William II
    • Rufus killed in hunting accident
  15. Domesday book
    • inventory and census of all of England's wealth
    • used for taxing purposes
  16. Feudal Systems
    • King rules entire country
    • divides kingdom and give to fifes (vassals)
    • fifes rule own section (laws, taxes, protection)
    • fife pays king to provide army
    • serf famed, turn in 7/8 of profits
  17. Social hierchy
    • Pope/church
    • Monarch
    • Nobles
    • Knights/Vassals
    • merchants/farmers/craftsmen
    • peasants/serfs
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