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  1. Amaretto
    Almond taste -Italy- Dark Brown
  2. Anisette
    Black licorice -Italy- Red/ White
  3. Bailey's Irish Cream
    Irish whiskey based -Ireland- Cream
  4. Bitters
    Herb based
  5. Blackberry Flavored Brandy
    Blackberry tasting- Purple
  6. Blue Curacao
    Orange taste- Blue, same as triple sec
  7. Butterscotch Schnapps
    Butterscotch taste- Clear
  8. Campari
    Aperitif wine semi-bitter- Italy- Red
  9. Chambord
    Blk. Raspberries- France- Purple
  10. Cherry Flavored Brandy
    Cherry tasting- Red
  11. Cointreau
    Orange taste -France- Clear
  12. Creme De...
    Higher sugar content
  13. Creme De Almond
    Almond- Red
  14. Creme De Noyaux
    • Almond- Red
    • Made from apricot pits, can be substituted for Creme De Almond (tastes the same) if allergic to nuts.
  15. Creme De Ananas
  16. Creme De Banana
    Banana- Yellow
  17. Creme De Cacoa
    Chocolate- White(Clear)/ Brown
  18. Creme De Cassis
    Black Currant- Red Purple
  19. Creme De Menthe
    Sweet Peppermint- White(Clear)/ Green
  20. Drambuie
    Sweet, Spicy Scotch- Scotland- Tan
  21. Frangelico
    Hazelnuts -Italy- Tan
  22. Galliano
    Herbal, Black Licorice- Yellow- France
  23. Goldschlagger
    Cinnamon taste, gold flakes- Clear
  24. Grand Marnier
    Orange flavored Cognac -France- Tan
  25. Grenadine
    Cherry taste, Made from Pomegranates
  26. Jagermeister
    Cough Syrup/ Licorice -Germany- Dark
  27. Kahlua
    Coffee w/ Choc. -Mexico- Dark
  28. Midori
    Honeydew Melon -Mexico- Green
  29. Ouzo
    Blk. Licorice- Greece
  30. Peach Schnapps
    Peach- Clear
  31. Peppermint Schnapps
    Peppermint- Clear
  32. Sambuca
    Blk. Licorice -Italy- Clear/ Dark
  33. Sloe Gin
    Not gin, Slow berries -Denmark- Red
  34. Southern Comfort
    Sweet whiskey- Reddish Brown
  35. Tia Maria
    Light Coffee -Jamaica- Dark
  36. Triple Sec
    Orange taste- Clear
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