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  1. Hosea Theme:
    Loyal Love
  2. Hosea 4
    Need For Bible Teaching
  3. Hosea 13
    Complacency With Abundance
  4. Joel Theme
    The Day Of The Lord
  5. Joel 2
    Repent In Your Heart, Not Externally
  6. Amos Theme
    Social Injustice Of Israel
  7. Amos 3
    God Sovereign Over Calamity
  8. Amos 8
    A Famine For The Word
  9. Obadiah Theme
    Edom's Judgment
  10. Obadiah 1
    Judgment Based On Reaping What You Sowed
  11. Jonah Theme
    God's Mercy On The Repentant
  12. Jonah 1
    The World Rebuking The Church
  13. Jonah 2
    Salvation Belongs To The Lord
  14. Jonah 4
    God Loves The City
  15. Micah Theme
    The Justice Of God
  16. Micah 5
    Eternal Christ From Bethlehem
  17. Micah 6
    Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
  18. Micah 7:18-20
    God's Love And Compassion
  19. Nahum Theme
    Nineveh's Judgment
  20. Nahum 1:2-7
    God's Anger And Goodness
  21. Habakkuk Theme
    Judgment On Judah Through Deportation
  22. Habakkuk 2
    The Righteous Will Live By Faith
  23. Habakkuk 3
    When Everything Crumbles, God Is My Joy
  24. Zephaniah Theme
    Future Global Judgment
  25. Zephaniah 1
    God Will Judge The Complacent
  26. Haggai Theme
    Construct The Temple
  27. Haggai 2
    The Glory Of The Church Is Greater Than The Glory Of The Temple
  28. Zechariah Theme
    Preparation For The Messiah
  29. Zechariah 4
    Great Things Happen By God's Spirit, Not Man's Power
  30. Zechariah 9
    Christ Comes On A Donkey
  31. Zechariah 12
    Israel Repents Over Pierced Messiah
  32. Malachi Theme
    True Worship Of The Lord
  33. Malachi 1
    Give Your Best To God
  34. Malachi 2
    God Hates Divorce
  35. Malachi 3
    Test God With Your Giving
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