Bio Unit 1

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  1. Neurons: Key feature and four parts.
    Plasma membranes can generate and propagate electrical signals.

    Cell body, dendrites, axon, axon terminals.
  2. Synapse
    Where an axon terminal comes close to another cell & membranes are modified. Where info is transferred using chemical signals (neurotransmitters).
  3. # Neurons
    # synapses
    • 100 Billion
    • 1 --> 1000
  4. Glial Cells
    • Housekeeping functions:
    • Supplying nourishment, maintaining proper ionic environment.

    Do NOT generate action potentials
  5. Ion pumps
    Pumps embedded in membrane that move ions against concentration gradient.

    • Sodium potassium pump:
    • 3 Na+ out
    • 2 K+ in
  6. Ion channels (3 things)
    Pass ions through diffusion.

    Each channel is ion-specific.

    Some open, some gated.
  7. Potassium Equilibrium Potential
    The point where the diffusion of K+ ions out is balanced by the movement of K+ ions in due to negative electrical potential

    *Very close to resting potential
  8. Action Potentials
    Basic mechanism by which electrical signals are generated and propagated by neurons involving changes in the polarity of the plasma membrane.

    Sudden and major, lasting 1-2 ms. and move along at speeds up to 100 m/s.
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