editing definitions test 2

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  1. Crypt
    underground chamber or vault
  2. Cynical
    denying the sincerity of people's motives and actions
  3. Demur
    hesitate because of doubts or objections
  4. Deprecate
    express disapproval; belittle
  5. Derogate
    lessening or weakening of power
  6. Diffuse
    spread out or dispersed; not concentrated
  7. Disparage
    discredit; belittle; show disrespect for
  8. Egregious
    outstanding for undesirable qualities; remarkably bad; flagrant
  9. Elicit
    to draw forth
  10. Emend
    to make scholarly corrections or improvements in a text
  11. Endemic
    native to a particular country, nation or region
  12. Enormity
    great wickedness
  13. Ephemeral
    an organism with a brief life cycle
  14. Equivocal
    having more than one interpretation; vague
  15. Erudite
    having wide knowledge; scholarly
  16. Ersatz
    substitute or synthetic; usually suggests inferior quality
  17. Ethereal
    not earthly; heavenly; celestial
  18. Exult
    rejoice greatly
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