The Odyssey Vocab Part 2

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  1. bulwark
    a strong defense or something that defends
  2. chaste
    morally pure
  3. circumspect
    careful to consider consequences; cautious; prudent
  4. communal
    pertaining to a group or community
  5. compliance
    a yielding; acquiescence
  6. conciliate
    to reconcile; to pacify; to renew a friendship
  7. conspicuous
    obvious; noticeable; attracting attention
  8. contempt
    scorn; extreme dislike or disdain
  9. covert
    secret; concealed
  10. demur
    to hesitate; to delay; to object
  11. dissemble
    to disguise; to pretend
  12. divination
    foretelling the future by means of magic
  13. elucidate
    to make clear; to explain
  14. endow
    to provide with income or property; to supply with a talent or quality
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