5. Semester Unit 21 Singular uncountable nouns

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  1. I'm off to the newsagent's to get a ... of chocolate. Do you want anything?
    a bar of chocolate
  2. Could you get me a ... of chewing gum when you go to the shops?
    a pack of chewing gum
  3. I think I'll have another... of toast
    piece of toast
  4. Just add a ... of milk if the mixture starts to get a bit dry
    a drop / bit of milk
  5. I'm popping out for a ... of frehs air. Do you want to come?
    for a breath / bit of fresh air
  6. There was a ... of cows being taken down the lane for milkung, and it took us ages to get by.
    a herd of cows
  7. You said you wanted to get a new.. of trousers, didn't you?
    a pair of trousers
  8. Get us a...of bread when you go to the shops, won't you?
    a loaf of bread
  9. I was thinking of getting Jill a... of flowers for our anniversary. Do you think that's romantig?
    a bunch of flowers
  10. There was a really strong..of wind and it blew a man's wig off!
    a gust of wind
  11. My mum's so houseproud; there's never a ... of dust anywhere in the ous
    a speck / bit of dust
  12. Could you cut me off a small ... of that cheese?
    slice of cheese
  13. That .. of birds will be migrating south for the winter, I'd imagine
    flock of birds
  14. Sinse we got the goat, there's not a ... of grass longer than about two centimetres
    a blade / bit of grass
  15. We do like a nice .. of steak every now and again, don't we, Francis?
    a bit of steak
  16. How heavy's that .. of concrete, would you say?
    block / lump / bit of concrete
  17. We'll give you a ... of keys and a security pass
     a set of keys
  18. There's not a .. of truth in what she said.
    a grain of truth
  19. Is one ... of sugar enough?
    one piece of sugar
  20. I'll tear you off a... of paper if you're going to take notes.
    a sheet / bit/ piece of paper
  21. Ein Riegel Schockolade / Seife
    a bar of chocolate / soap
  22. ein Bisschen hilfe
    a bit of helb / advice
  23. ein Grashalm
    a blade of grass
  24. ein Betonblock
    a block of concrete
  25. frische Luft
    a breath of fresh air
  26. wassertropfen
    a drop of water
  27. Ein Reiskorn, ein Sandkornin
    a grain of salt / sand
  28. Windstoss
    a gust of wind
  29. ein Brotleib
    a loaf of bread
  30. Ein Würfelzucker
    a lump of sugar
  31. ein Stück Brot, ein paar Informationen
    a piece of bread / information
  32. Papierfetzen
    a scrap of paper
  33. ein Blatt Papier
    a sheet of paper
  34. eine Scheibe Brot / Käse
    a slice of bread / cheese
  35. Staubkorn
    a speck of dust / dirt
  36. Tintenfleck
    a spot of ink
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Semester Unit 21 Singular uncountable nouns

5. Semester Unit 21 Singular uncountable nouns
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