Hebrews Chapter 1

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  1. How did God speak to our forefathers in the past?
    Through the prophets (at many times and in various ways) Hebrews 1:1
  2. How superior to the angels did the son become?
    As much superior as the name that he has inherited is superior to theirs. (1:3)
  3. What will perish?
    The (foundations of the) earth and heavens (1:10-11)
  4. What does God say in speaking of the angels?
    He makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire. (1:7)
  5. What had the son provided?
    Purification for sins. (1:3)
  6. What will be the scepter of the Son’s kingdom?
    Righteousness (1:8)
  7. When does God say, “Let all God’s angels worship him?”
    When God brings his firstborn into the world. (1:6)
  8. Whom did God make a footstool for your feet?
    Your enemies (1:13)
  9. Who has hated wickedness?
    The Son (1:9)
  10. Who laid the foundations of the earth?
    The Lord {or God} (1:10)
  11. How will you roll them up?
    Like a robe (1:12)
  12. Who are ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?
    All angels (1:14)
  13. Through whom did God make the universe?
    The Son (1:2)
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