Hebrews 3

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  1. To whom was Jesus faithful?
    The one who appointed him. (3:2)
  2. Who were all those Moses led out of Egypt?
    They who heard and rebelled. (3:16)
  3. What did God swear to those who disobeyed?
    That they would never enter his rest. (3:18)
  4. When should you encourage on another?
    Daily, as long as it is called Today. (3:13)
  5. Who is the builder of everything?
    God (3:4)
  6. Who saw what Go did for forty years?
    Your fathers. (3:9)
  7. From whom does a sinful, unbelieving heart turn away?
    From the living God (3:12)
  8. What if you hear his voice?
    Do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion. (3:15)
  9. In what do you share?
    The heavenly calling. (3:1)
  10. Where was Moses faithful as a servant?
    In all God’s House. (3:3)
  11. How did the Holy Spirit declare, “They Shall never enter my rest?”
    On oath in his anger. (3:11)
  12. How have we come to share in Christ?
    If we hold firmly till the end the confidence we had at first? (3:14)
  13. Who has greater honor than the house itself?
    The builder of a house (3:3)
  14. Than whom has Jesus been found worthy of greater honor?
    Moses (3:3)
  15. Over what is Christ faithful as a son?
    Over God's house. (3:6)
  16. What did you do in the rebellion?
    Hardened your hearts. (3:8)
  17. FOr how long did your fathers see what the Holy Spirit did?
    Forty years. (3:9)
  18. Who have not know the Holy Spirit's way?
    Your fathers {or that generation} (3:10)
  19. What shall that generation never enter?
    God's rest. (3:11)
  20. What turns away from the living God?
    A sinful, unbelieving heart. (3:12)
  21. With whom was God angry for forty years?
    Those who sinned, whose bodies fell in the desert. (3:17)
  22. Why were they not able to enter God's rest?
    Because of their unbelief. (3:18-19)

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