Holy Orders and Marriage

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  1. Ordinary Minister of Marriage
    The Couple
  2. Ordinary Minister of Holy Orders
    the Bishop
  3. Objects given to Bishop at Ordination
    • book of the Gospel
    • Ring
    • Miter
    • Crosier
  4. Objects given to Priest at Ordination
    • official vestments of the Church
    • chalice
    • paten
  5. Objects given to Deacon at Ordination
    given book of the Gospels to symbolize the ministry of preaching
  6. Bishop of Diocese of Charlotte
    Bishop Peter Jugis
  7. The Pope
    Pope Benedict XVI
  8. Marriage celebrates
    • Mutual Self-giving
    • Faithfulness of a Covenant
    • Creativity
  9. Common Elements from the Rite of Marriage
    • Liturgy of the Word
    • The Consent vows
    • Blessing and Exchange of rings--sign of love and fidelity
    • Nuptial Blessing
    • Final Blessing--the essential words
  10. Two Types of Priesthood
    • Ministerial/ hierarchial priesthood (bishops, priests, etc)
    • Common priesthood of all baptized
  11. Essential Actions for Holy Orders
    • Laying on of hands by the Bishop
    • Essential Words
  12. Which sacrament confirms a seal?
    Holy Orders
  13. Domestic Church
    The home of those baptized, where it is the first school of Christian life and a home for human enrichment, where one learns endurance, the joy of work, fraternal love, generous forgiveness, divine worship, prayer and the offering of one's own life
  14. Annulment
    officially declaring that a marriage is invalid
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