Muscle System Review 2

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  1. The striations seen in skeletal muscle cells under the microscope are what part of the sarcomere?
    I bands, Z lines and A bands
  2. The myofilament that can be described as a globular protein stung together like beads to form two interwined strands is:
  3. The myofilament that can be described as bundled golf clubs with their heads sticking out from the bundle is:
  4. After it is released form the sarcoplasmic reticulm the calcium combines with which protein?
  5. This part of the sarcomere stays almost the same size during contraction.
    A band
  6. Which of the following is not an end product of the breakdown of ATP?
    A) An inorganic phosphate
    B) Energy that can be used in muscle contraction
    C) ADP
    D) All of the above are end products of the breakdown of ATP
  7. Voluntary
    Skeletal muscle
  8. Cells branch frequently
    Cardiac muscle
  9. Centrally located nucleus
    Smooth muscle
  10. Moves food into stomach
    Smooth muscle
  11. Nonstriated
    Smooth muscle
  12. Keeps blood circulating through its vessels
    Cardiac muscle
  13. Involuntary
    Smooth and Cardiac muscle
  14. Attached to bones
    Skeletal muscle
  15. Maintenance of normal blood pressure
    Smooth muscle
  16. Hollow internal organs
    Smooth muscle
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