Random Facts 3

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  1. "my kingdom for a horse"
    Richard III
  2. big New Orleans college
  3. main stadium of the US Open in tennis
    Arthur Ashe Stadium
  4. US Open tennis center named for this female
    Billie Jean King
  5. their mascot is the Wolverine
    U of Michigan
  6. big time Minnesota stadium
  7. largest football field in Europe; home to FC Barcelona
    Camp Nou
  8. second largest football stadium in Europe; England's national stadium
    Wembley Stadium
  9. Pele is from this country
  10. came to Shea Stadium in 1965
  11. famous Montreal college
  12. decathlete in 1976 Montreal Olympics
    Bruce Jenner
  13. led the Bills to four straight SuperBowls in the 1990s
    Jim Kelly
  14. home of the Nittany Lions
    Penn State
  15. mascot of Ohio State
  16. where the USC Trojans play
    The Coliseum
  17. long time coach of UNC
    Dean Smith
  18. Pittsburgh Stadium demolished in 2001
    Three Rivers Stadium
  19. Adolph Rupp coached here
  20. this state is home to the SilverDome
  21. German heavyweight who fought Joe Louis twice in the '30s
    Max Schmeling
  22. really cold football stadium -
    Lambeau Field
  23. Yankees play in this borough
  24. Olympic record long jump of 29' 2.5'' in 1968
    Bob Beamon
  25. amazing Yankees catcher who won a bunch of World Series in the 1950s
    Yogi Berra
  26. Where is the college baseball world series?
    Omaha, Nebraska
  27. used to play at Riverfront
    Cincinnati Reds
  28. play in Arrowhead Stadium
    Kansas City Chiefs
  29. Bear Bryant coached here
  30. located in Chavez Ravine
    Dodger Stadium
  31. baseball team in Arizona
  32. Dallas baseball team
    Texas Rangers
  33. "Flying Finn" - prominent Finnish distance runner
    Paavo Nurmi
  34. Who wrote "We are Family"
    Sister Sledge
  35. huge stadium in Rio
  36. American Olympic swimmer in the 20s and 30s who played Tarzan
    Johnny Weissmuller
  37. Coached the Dolphins for 25 years; 347 wins; two Super Bowls; one perfect season
    Don Shula
  38. coached the Chicago Bears for 40 years, before the Super Bowl era
    George Halas
  39. Coach of the New York Giants
    Tom Coughlin
  40. played the Fonz on Happy Days
    Henry Winkler
  41. coached the "Miracle on Ice" US hockey team in 1980
    Herb Brooks
  42. coached at Auburn, Clemson, G-Tech, and Penn in the early 1900s
    John Heisman
  43. owns Chevy
  44. early innovative football coach who invented the lateral, flea flicker, and the dummy
    Amos Alonzo Stagg
  45. Two big Women's college hoops coaches:
    Tennessee (Pat Summit) and UConn (Geno Auriemma)
  46. UCLA basketball coach who won 10 championships in 60s and 70s
    John Wooden
  47. John Wooden coached where?
  48. Green Bay Packers coach who won the first two Super Bowls
    Vince Lombardi
  49. Abe Saperstein coached them; aka Savoy Big Five
    Harlem Globetrotters
  50. coach of Indiana basketball for thirty years
    Bob Knight
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