Bridy lesson 16

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  1. charming
    If you are charming, you have a way of pleasing people with what you say and how you act.
  2. racket
    If you make a lot of noise, you are making a racket.
  3. ingenious
    If you do something very clever, or imaginative, you are ingenious.
  4. outwit
    If you trick someone by doing something clever, you outsmart, or outwit them.
  5. tender
    Something, like food, that is tender is soft and easy to chew or cut.
  6. delighted
    When you are very happy about something, you are delighted.
  7. brittle
    Things that are brittle are so stiff and hard that they break easily.
  8. embraced
    If you hugged someone, you embraced that person.
  9. cunning
    Someone who is cunning uses smart and tricky ways to get what he or she wants.
  10. disguised
    If you are disguised, you are wearing something that keeps people from knowing who you are.
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