NRS 210 L pulse and resp

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  1. BP skills lab
    • arrives with lab coat on
    • state perform hand hygiene
    • id patient under two domains
    • select appropriat arm (no IV, breast or axilla surgery, cast, AV shunt, or injured or diseased limb on that side)
    • expose limb and palpate brachial artery
    • place cuff on brachial artery 1-2 inches above AC
    • plapate radial pulse/inflate cuff to point of occlusion
    • deflate and wait 15 seconds before re-inflation
    • reinflate cuff 30mmHg above occlusion spot
    • verbalize significance of of BP reading
  2. steps to auscultate apical pulse
    • find pt suprasternal notch
    • find angle of louis and 2nd intercostal space
    • count down to 5th intercostal space
    • move finger to LEFT midclavicular line
    • auscultate pulse for 1 minute
  3. pulse and respiration steps
    • places first second and third fingers along clients radial artery
    • place patient arm across abdomen
    • count pulsations for 30sec and multiple X2
    • with hand still in this position count resp for 30 seconds and multiple X2
    • accurately find PMI for auscultation of apical pulse
  4. temperature Lab test
    • read temperature on glass thermometer
    • state oral in posterior sublingual pocket for 2-3 minutes, axillary 5-10 minutes, rectal 2-3 min
    • slide temoral artery thermometer straight across forhead and place behind ear with button still depressed
    • apply and discard thermometer probe cover
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NRS 210L pulse and resp
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