Unit 3-G Hygiene

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  1. Xerostomia
    Dry mouth
  2. Edentulous
    Without teeth
  3. Glossitis
    Inflamed tongue
  4. Halitosis
    Foul-smelling breath
  5. Pediculosis capitis
    Head lice
  6. Alopecia
    Hair loss 
  7. Cerumen
  8. Mucositis
    Inflammation of mucous membrane
  9. Effleurage
    Long, slow, gliding strokes of a massage
  10. Stomatitis
    Inflammation of the oral mucosa
  11. Enucleation
    Removal of an entire eyeball
  12. Macule
    Flat, non-palpable change in skin color; smaller than 1 cm (freckle, petechiae)
  13. Papule
    Palpable, circumscribed, solid elevation in skin, smaller than 1 cm (elevated nevus)
  14. Nodule
    Elevated solid mass, deeper and firmer than papule; 1-2 cm (wart)
  15. Tumor
    Solid mass that extends deep through subcutaneous tissue; larger than 1-2 cm (epithelioma)
  16. Wheal
    Irregularly shaped, elevated area or superficial localized edema; varies in size (hive, mosquito bite)
  17. Vesicle
    Circumscribed elevation of skin filled with serous fluid, smaller than 1 cm (herpes simplex, chickenpox)
  18. Pustule
    Circumscribed elevation of skin similar to vesicle but filled with pus; varies in size (acne, staphylococcal infection)
  19. Ulcer
    Deep loss of skin surface that extends to dermis and frequently bleeds and scars; varies in size
  20. Atrophy
    Thinning of skin with loss of normal skin furrow, with skin appearing shiny and translucent; varies in size
  21. Hygiene schedule in acute care
    • Early morning or AM care - Brush teeth, wash face, bathroom
    • Morning or after breakfast care - Bathroom, bathing, replace soiled linen, new gown
    • Afternoon care - Bathroom, hygiene, straighten up linens (right before dinner)
    • HS care - (Hour of sleep) Oral care, bathroom, wash face, massage
  22. Buccal
    • pertaining to or directed toward the bucca (cheek), the fleshy portion
    • of the side of the face that makes up the lateral wall of the oral
    • cavity
  23. Canthus
    the angular junction of the eyelids at either corner of the eye 
  24. Cheilosis
    manifestation of vitamin B complex deficiency characterized by reddened lips with fissures at the angles of the mouth
  25. Excoriation
    skin abrasion typically resulting from scratching 
  26. Maceration
    softening or dissolution of tissue after lengthy exposure to fluid 
  27. Pediculosis
    lice infestation
  28. Sordes
    • foul brown crusts or accumulations of food, microorganisms, and
    • epithelial elements on the teeth and lips, usually associated with a
    • febrile or gastrointestinal disorder
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