Common Objectives

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  1. Improper invention of fact
    any instance when a witness introduces testimony that contradicts her affidavit.
  2. Argumentative question
    The attorney is arguing with the witness more than pursuing an answer.
  3. Lack of Proper Predicate/Foundation
    Attorneys must ask questions in a logical order that lays a proper foundation for the subsequent questions. 
  4. Assuming facts not in eveidence
    If attorney asks a question that assumes unproved/unavailable facts
  5. Questions calling for Narrative or General Answer
    Question is broad and does not ask for a specific answer.
  6. Non-responsive answer
    Witness has not answered the attorney's question
  7. Repittion
    The answers to questions are producing the same testimony
  8. Leading Question
    When a question suggest the answer in a question. (can be used in cross-examination)
  9. Redirect/Recross Limitiaions
    If an attorney is following redirect or recross, then the attorney must limit their questions to information that was in redirect/recross
  10. Permitted Motion to strike testimony
    If objection is successful  an attorney may make a motion to request that the judge strike the testimony
  11. Opinion testimony by lay witness
    If a witness is not an expert, then they cannot offer their opinion UNLESS it is rationally based or helpful in understanding the witness' testimony.
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