MLAS Quiz1

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  1. Latin America
    • countries that were once colonized by the Spanish Portugese
    • most of central America, South America and the Carribean
  2. latino(a) vs Hispanic
    • both relate to colonialism 
    • Hispanic stresses spain influence 
    • latino emplies new world influences
  3. establishment of indust. (LOC)
    establishment of extractive industries such as mining where wealth goes OUT the country
  4. establish. plantations (LOC)
    • large platations (sugar cane) -labor
    • gave wealth to large landowners with ties to spain
  5. LOC (labor)
    peon & slave labor of indigneous and africans
  6. Catholic Church (LOC)
    • reason for conquest and conscience of the empire
    • Bartolome de las casa: N.A. shouldnt be killed or treated harsh->dominican brotherhood->fights
    • syncretism:blending of catholic and African beliefs, traditions & culture
  7. "columbian" exchange (LOC)
    • mixing of old & new world
    • disease pigs corn & cofee cattle
  8. unequal distribution of land (LOC)
    • econmienda:spanish crown granted spainards right over indians & their land
    • plantations:slave labor geared toward export
    • hacienda:peon land used for internal use
  9. unequal dist. of wealth (LOC)
    • rich are veryyy rich
    • small middle class large poor class
  10. social hierarchy based on ethn. & race (LOC)
    • w/ white spainard at the top
    • limited land ownwership, political rep, and education
  11. patriarchal family  (LOC)
    • power and wealth in hands of eldest male
    • women & daughter stricken to home 
    • not allowed to own land or get edu.
  12. emergence of mestizo (LOC)
    mixing of european,indians and africans race
  13. 3 types of land use (post colonial)
    • plantation:geared toward export (slaves) largescale "business" ventures
    • Haciendas:large estates geared to domestic consumption indians in debt peonage
    • Smallholders:indig. community in undesirables area often used as place of refuge
  14. 19th century (1800s)
    • early independence, establishment of states
    • growth of mestizo pop. undermine power of spanish elites
    • power struggle between liberals & conservative
  15. 20th century (1900s)
    • primarily export economy
    • division of wealth ^
    • mexican revolution
    • modernization towards manufacturing
    • populism(concern for poor)-> land reform attempted redistribution of wealth.
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