Estrous v. Menstrual

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  1. First difference in terms of sex
    •                                                                           i.      Estrous: sexually receptive during ovulation, during estrous
    • 1.      In an estrous cycle, the female is only receptive during estrous= heat= when she’s ovulating and there’s a chance for fertilization
  2. Second difference in terms of endometrium
    •                                                                           i.      In estrous, where they build up the endometrium lining, if no fertilization occurs, there is no menses= no shedding of endometrium
    • 1.      Instead, it gets resorbed
    • a.       The body gets rid of itself internally
  3. There are some mammals that have bleeding, but explain what this is?
                                                                                                                                                      i.      There are some mammals that do have some bleeding, which mimics menstruation, but it is not because they are not shedding the endometrium
  4. Third difference in terms of cycle
    •                                                                           i.      Third difference: estrous is usually continuous till death
    • 1.      Females: ends at menopause
    • 2.      Most mammals continue the estrous cycle until they die
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