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  1. AES
    Advanced Encryption Standard
  2. ASCII
    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  3. AGP
    Accelerated Graphics Port
  4. BIOS
    Basic Input Output System
  5. bps
    Bits Per Second
  6. BSS
    Basic Service Set
  7. CLI
    Command Line Interface
  8. CMTS
    Cable Modem Termination System
  9. CPE
    Customer Premises Equipment
  10. CPU
    Central Processing Unit
  11. CSMA/CA
    Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
  12. CSMA/CD
    Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
  13. CTS
    Clear To Send
  14. DDoS
    Distributed Denial of Service
  15. DHCP
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  16. DNS
    Domain Name System
  17. DSL
    Digital Subscriber Line
  18. DSLAM
    Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
  19. EAP
    Extensible Authentication Protocol
  20. EIA
    Electronic Industries Alliance
  21. EMI
    Electromagnetic Interference
  22. ESD
    Electrostatic Discharge
  23. ESS
    Extended Service Set
  24. EXT
    Extended File System
  25. FAT
    File Allocation Table
  26. FEXT
    Far End Cross(X) Talk
  27. FTP
    File Transfer Protocol
  28. GPL
    General Public License
  29. GUI
    Graphical User Interface
  30. HPFS
    High Performance File System
  31. HTML
    HyperText Markup Language
  32. HTTP
    HyperText Transfer Protocol
  33. IDS
    Intrusion Detection System
  34. IEEE
    Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers
  35. IIS
    Internet Information Services
  36. IMAP
    Internet Message Access Protocol
  37. IP
    Internet Protocol
  38. IrDA
    Infrared Data Association 
  39. ISP
    Internet Service Provider
  40. MAC
    Media Access Control
  41. NAT
    Network Address Translation
  42. NEXT
    Near End Cross(X) Talk
  43. NIC
    Network Interface Card
  44. NOC
    Network Operations Center
  45. NOS
    Network Operating System
  46. NTFS
    New Technology File System
  47. OS
    Operating System
  48. PCI
    Peripheral Component Interconnect
  49. PDA
    Personal Digital Assistant
  50. PnP
    Plug and Play
  51. POP3
    Post Office Protocol Version 3
  52. POP
    Point Of Presence
  53. PSTN
    Public Switched Telephone Network
  54. RAM
    Random Access Memory
  55. RFC
    Request For Comments
  56. RTS
    Request To Send
  57. SLA
    Service Level Agreement
  58. SMTP
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  59. SOHO
    Small Office Home Office
  60. SSID
    Service Set Identifier
  61. TCP
    Transmission Control Protocol
  62. TFN
    Tribe Flood Network
  63. TIA
    Telecommunications Industry Association
  64. URL
    Uniform Resource Locator
  65. USB
    Universal Serial Bus
  66. VOD
    Video On Demand
  67. VoIP
    Voice over Internet Protocol
  68. WEP
    Wired Equivalent Privacy
  69. WiMAX
    Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
  70. WINS
    Windows Internet Naming Service
  71. WLAN
    Wireless Local Area Network
  72. WPA
    Wi-Fi Protected Access
  73. WWW
    World Wide Web
  74. LAN
    Local Area Network
  75. ISR
    Integrated Services Router
  76. SSH
    Secure Socket Shell
  77. SSL
    Secure Socket Layer
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