Chemistry Chapter 2

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  1. Atom
    Greek for Indivisible
  2. Leucippus and Democritus
    First thought of atom in 5th century BC
  3. Law of Conservation of Mass
    Matter cannot be created nor destroyed
  4. Law of Definite Proportions
    All samples of a given compound, regardless where it came from, have the same proportions of their constituent elements.
  5. Law of Mulitiple Proportions
    When two elements form two different compounds, the masses of elemnt B that combine with 1gram of element A can be expressed in small whole number ratios.
  6. JJ Thomson
    Cathode Ray Tube/Cathode Ray/ Electron
  7. Robert Millikan
    Oil drop experiment, determined charge of oil drops.
  8. Ernest Rutherford
    • Discovered Proton and nucleus
    • gold foil experiment
  9. Nuclear Theory
    • 1. Nuclues contains 99% of atoms mass
    • 2. Atom is mostly empty space
    • 3. Atoms have the same number of protons and electrons.
  10. Neutrons
    Neutrally charged particles
  11. Protons
    Define an atom, located in nucleus
  12. Isotopes
    Atoms with different numbers of neutrons but same number of protons.
  13. Neutrons =
    Atomic Mass- Protons
  14. Ions
    Charged particles/atoms
  15. Cations
    Negatively charged ions
  16. Anions
    Positively charged ions
  17. Periodic Law
    Elements arranged in order of atomic mass have recurring properties
  18. Alkali Metals
    • Group 1A
    • Very Reactive
  19. Alkaline Earth Metals
    • Group 2A
    • Reactive elements
  20. Halogens
    • Group 7A
    • Very reactive non metals
  21. Noble Gasses
    • Group 8A
    • Do NOT form Ions.
    • Mostly unreactive
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