History: Chapter 7

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  1. Pride in one's country
  2. Pride in your section or region of the country
  3. 3 Features of the American System
    • Tariff to protect American Industries
    • Maintenance of a national bank
    • Government funding of internal improvements or public projects such as roads and canals
  4. His presidency was called the "Era of Good Feelings", and he served 2 TERMS
    James Monroe
  5. Treaty with Britain that called for the nearly complete disarmament of that eastern part of the border between the United States and British Canada
    (sailed huge navies on the Great Lakes and they had a big collision which disarmed the border)
    Rush-Bagot Treaty
  6. Monroe convinced Britain to draw the western part of the border between the United States and Canada along the 49th parallel
    (we gave land to the British and they gave land to us and now we don't have conflicts with the British)
    Convention of 1818
  7. The U.S. acquired Florida and established a firm boundary between Louisiana Territory and Spanish territory farther to the west
    Adams-Onis Treaty
  8. French man who wrote a book called "Democracy in America"
    He saw how America was developing and how we are different
    Alexis de Tocqueville
  9. Declared the Americas off limits to European colonization. If they attempted we would go to war
    Monroe Doctrine
  10. Who was the Corrupt bargain between?
    Clay, Adams, and Jackson.
  11. Explain the Corrupt bargain
    Jackson doesn't win even though he had more votes because Adams and Clay made a deal. Clay thought that if he did this he would be the next President after Adams
  12. What was Jackson's Nickname?
    Old Hickory
  13. Messenger in the Revolutionary war, was captured by the British and refused to do things that the British told him to do. It was a horrible experience for him.
    Andrew Jackson
  14. Jackson kicks out people from the government and puts in his supporters
    Spoils System
  15. Spoils System led to this. 
    New people (Jackson's friends) get to serve in the government with the election of new adminstration
    Rotation in Office
  16. Jackson sees people either as enemies or as his friend. U.S. forced native people to leave their land and Jackson didn't even give a notice.
    Indian Removal Act of 1830
  17. Who benefits from the Indian Removal Act and why?
    Farmers so that they could grow cotton.
  18. Jackson wanted to spread the money around.
    It was the second bank of the United States overseen by the federal government to regulate state banks.
    National Bank
  19. Jackson vetoes a bill and has his friends control the money. Money was now deposited into state banks.
    Jackson's Pets or Pet Banks
  20. Created the concept of interchangeable parts 
    (they were used in muskets and were great for war)
    Eli Whitney
  21. Industrialization:
    • Fastest growing
    • Leads to urbanization
    • Changes how people live
  22. Congress raised the tariff on British manufactured goods
    Southern states got mad because they now had to buy from the north which was expensive)
    Tariff of Abominations
  23. South Carolina led some southern states to claim that they have the right to reject federal laws that are unfair
    Nullification Theory
  24. Nullification Crisis worked out by Henry Clay:
    • Tariffs would be reduced over a period of 10 years
    • No civil war, for now
  25. Industrial spy who memorized the plans to machines in Britain and snuck into America
    Samuel Slater
  26. What are the positive effects of the Spoils System?
    • New people
    • New ideas
  27. What are the negative effects of the Spoils System?
    • Kicking out people who have experience and putting in people without it
    • People could be corrupt
  28. Explain the positive and negative effects of the Indian Removal Act.
    (postive: 1) (negative 2)
    • Positive:
    • It benefited farmers so they could grow cotton

    He treated the Natives badly and forced them to leave their own land.
  29. Party who was against Andrew Jackson's ideas
    Whig Party
  30. Who was the head of the Whig Party?
    Henry Clay
  31. Architect of the American system, speaker of the House.
    Henry Clay
  32. Financial crisis where there was unemployment, depression, and bankruptcy 
    Panic of 1837
  33. Who was running against each other in the election of 1840?
    Martin Van Buren vs. William Henry Harrison
  34. Election of 1840:
    What was a big part of the Campaigns?
  35. What was one of the most important slogans?
    "Tippecanoe and Tyler too"
  36. Why did William Henry Harrison get elected even though he was old?
    He was the closest thing they had to a war hero
  37. Only president to study medicine
    William Henry Harrison
  38. Gave an inaugural address for 2 hours, and died a month after he became president.
    William Henry Harrison
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