Regional Names for Areas of the Body

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  1. Head
    Cephalic Region
  2. Skull
    Cranial Region
  3. Eye
    Orbital Region
  4. Ear
    Otic Region
  5. Cheek
    Buccal Region
  6. Chin
    Mental Region
  7. Neck
    Cervical Region
  8. Breastbone
    Sternal Region
  9. Breast
    Mammary Region
  10. Navel
    Umbilical Region
  11. Hip
    Coxal Region
  12. Groin
    Inguinal Region
  13. Pubis
    Pubic Region (just above groin)
  14. Chest
    Thoracic Region
  15. Armpit
    Axillary Region
  16. Arm
    Brachial Region (shoulder to elbow)
  17. Elbow (anterior)
    Antecubital Region (where blood is drawn)
  18. Forearm
    Antebrachial Region (elbow to wrist)
  19. Palm
    Palmar Region
  20. Fingers/Toes
    Phalangeal Region (also known as digital)
  21. Wrist
    Carpal Region
  22. Ankle
    Tarsal Region
  23. Thigh
    Femoral Region (hip to knee)
  24. Leg
    Crural Region (knee to ankle)
  25. Foot
    Pedal Region
  26. Top of Foot
  27. Sole of Foot
    Plantar Region
  28. Heel
    Calcaneal Region
  29. Calf
    Sural Region (back of leg calf muscle)
  30. Behind the Knee
    Popliteal Region
  31. Buttock
    Gluteal Region
  32. Between Hips (back)
    Sacral Region (but-crack regions)
  33. Spine
    Vertebral Region
  34. Shoulder Blade
    Scapular Region
  35. Base of Skull
    Occipital Region
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