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  1. augury
    N. omen; prophecy. He interpreted the departure of the birds as an augury of evil. augur,V.
  2. august
    ADJ. impressive; majestic. Visiting the palace at Versailles, she was impressed by the august surroundings in which she found herself.
  3. aureole
    N. sun's corona; halo. Many medieval paintings depict saintly characters with aureoles around their heads.
  4. auroral
    ADJ. pertaining to the aurora borealis. The auroral display was particularly spectacular that evening.
  5. auspicious
    ADJ. favoring success. With favorable weather conditions, it was an auspicious moment to set sail. Thomas, however, had doubts about sailing: a paranoid, he became suspicious whenever conditions seemed auspicious.
  6. austere
    ADJ. forbiddingly stern; severely simple and unornamented. The headmaster's austere demeanor tended to scare off the more timid students, who never visited his study willingly. The room reflected the man, austere and bare, like a monk's cell, with no touches of luxury to moderate its austerity.
  7. authenticate
    V. prove genuine. An expert was needed to authenticate the original Van Gogh painting, distinguishing it from its imitation.
  8. authoritarian
    ADJ. subordinating the individual to the state; completely dominating another's will. The leaders of the authoritarian regime ordered the suppression of the democratic protest movement. After years of submitting to the will of her authoritarian father, Elizabeth Barrett ran away from home with the poet Robert Browning.
  9. authoritative
    ADJ. having the weight of authority; peremptory and dictatorial. Impressed by the young researcher's well-documented presentation, we accepted her analysis of the experiment as authoritative.
  10. autocratic
    ADJ. having absolute, unchecked power; dictatorial. Someone accustomed to exercising authority may become autocratic if his or her power is unchecked. Dictators by definition are autocrats. Bosses who dictate behavior as well as letters can be autocrats too.
  11. automaton
    N. mechanism that imitates actions of humans. Long before science fiction readers became aware of robots, writers were presenting stories of automatons who could outperform men.
  12. autonomous
    ADJ. self-governing. Although the University of California at Berkeley is just one part of the state university system, in many ways Cal Berkeley is autonomous, for it runs several programs that are not subject to outside control. autonomy, N.
  13. autopsy
    N. examination of a dead body; post-mortem. The medical examiner ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death. alsoV.
  14. auxiliary
    ADJ. helper, additional or subsidiary. To prepare for the emergency, they built an auxiliary power station. also N.
  15. avalanche
    N. great mass of falling snow and ice. The park ranger warned the skiers to stay on the main trails, where they would be in no danger of being buried beneath a sudden avalanche.
  16. *avarice
    N. greediness for wealth. King Midas is a perfect example of avarice, for he was so greedy that he wished everything he touched would turn to gold.
  17. avenge
    V. take vengeance for something (or on behalf of someone). Hamlet vowed he would avenge his father's murder and punish Claudius for his horrible crime.
  18. averse
    ADJ. reluctant; disinclined. The reporter was averse to revealing the sources of his information.
  19. aversion
    N. firm dislike. Bert had an aversion to yuppies; Alex had an aversion to punks. Their mutual aversion was so great that they refused to speak to one another.
  20. avert
    V. prevent; turn away. She averted her eyes from the dead cat on the highway.
  21. *aviary
    N. enclosure for birds. The aviary at the zoo held nearly 300 birds.
  22. avid
    ADJ. greedy; eager for. He was avid for learning and read everything he could get. avidity, N.
  23. avocation
    N. secondary or minor occupation. His hobby proved to be so fascinating and profitable that gradually he abandoned his regular occupation and concentrated on his avocation.
  24. avow
    V. declare openly. Lana avowed that she never meant to steal Debbie's boyfriend, but no one believed her avowal of innocence.
  25. avuncular
    ADJ. like an uncle. Avuncular pride did not prevent him from noticing his nephew's shortcomings.
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