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  1. What are the 3 reasons that dining facilities are constructed and operated?
    • 1. Subsistence entitlement to enlisted members living in the dorms.
    • 2. A training environment for food service personnel to meet our war-fighting mission.
    • 3. The flight meals service in support of our daily operations.
  2. Define the discount meal rate?
    The cost of food only.
  3. What meal rate is charged to ESM?
    No charge
  4. When are family members of military and DOD civilians authorized to use the enlisted dining facilities?
    Family members assigned overseas if the installation commander authorizes this after determining other facilities are not available or adequate.
  5. Who provides the mission support group commander with a statement in writing describing the emergency and the person to whom it is essential that the Air Force furnish food for a limited time?
    Installation commander
  6. What form is used to record signatures when persons are unable to pay for their meals?
    AF Form 79
  7. How many maximum days supply of MREs per ESM patron are units authorized to purchase?
    2 days
  8. What is one of the biggest problems managers face?
  9. How often should shift leaders meet with the employees?
  10. What is the key to a successful food service operation?
    Properly trained and effective supervisors.
  11. What must shift leaders and facility mangers do to prevent manpower shortfalls?
    Know the peak hours for serving food, plan overlap of shifts to occur before this time, forecast the number of meals, and plan the work force needed to do the task.
  12. How often does the cyclic menu get developed, published and distributed?
  13. How many days is the CFS menu cyclic plan based on?
  14. What is the first step in meal planning?
    To examine the CFS menu and determine its appropriateness for your facility.
  15. How should an item be replaced, when a change is made to the menu?
    With a like item (ie beef for beef)
  16. What meals must be replicated?
    The approved Thanksgiving, Christmas and Air Force birthday holiday meals.
  17. Where can you find a management tool for planning and serving a good choice of flight and ground support meals?
    The preface the the CFS menu.
  18. What meals may not be issued as a primary meal for flight feeding?
    The flight small meal and snack meal.
  19. When are small meals served?
    When serving crew members wearing oxygen masks.
  20. What meal may be issued as a second meal on flights of long distance?
  21. What does the FSO use to rate food service operations?
    AF Form 1038
  22. Name the 5 categories that are inspected using the AF Form 1038?
    • 1. Category A - Kitchen operations.
    • 2. Category B - Serving & dining operations.
    • 3. Category C - Training, personnel and readiness.
    • 4. Category D - Sanitation and repair maintenance.
    • 5. Category E - Management.
  23. Where can you document your findings, corrective actions, and follow-up procedures?
    Reverse side of AF Form 1038
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