[N2K]foot muscles

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  1. Origin, insertion, innervation of abductor hallucis
    • O: Medial side tuberosity calcaneus
    • I: medial side base proximal phalanx hallux
    • N: medial plantar nerve
  2. O, I, N of adductor hallucis
    • O: base MT 2-4, head MT 3-5
    • I: lat side base prox phalanx hallux
    • N: deep branch lat plantar nerve
  3. OIN Flexor hallucis brevis
    • O: cuboid, lat cuneiform, medial side 1st MT
    • I: prox phalanx
    • N: med plantar nerve
  4. OIN flexor digitorum brevis
    • O: plantar aponeurosis, tuberosity calcaneus
    • I: base MIDDLE phalanx digit 2-5
    • N: medial plantar nerve
  5. OIN ext hallucis longus
    • O: middle half fibula
    • I: base distal phalanx hallux
    • N: deep fibular nerve
  6. OIN extensor hallucis brevis
    • O: superolateral calcaneus
    • I: dorsum base prox phalanx hallucis
    • N: deep fibular nerve
  7. OIN extensor digitorum longus
    • O: lat condule tibia, ant fibula, IO membrane
    • I: dorsum digits 2-5
    • N: deep fibular nerve
  8. OIN extensor digitorum brevis
    • O: superolateral calcaneus
    • I: ext expansion digit 2-4
    • N: deep fibular nerve
  9. OIN fibularis tertius
    • O: distal anterior fibula
    • I: dorsum shaft 5th MT
    • N: deep fibular nerve
  10. OIN Fn quadratus plantae
    • O: ant portion calcaneus, long plantus ligament
    • I: tendon FDL
    • N: lateral plantar nerve
    • Fn: flex toes
  11. OIN Fn dorsal IO foot
    • O: shafts of adjacent MT bones
    • I: bases prox phalanges 2-4
    • N: deep branch lateral plantar nerve
    • Fn. abduct, flex MTP, extend IP
  12. OIN Fn plantar IO foot
    • O: base+medial side MT 3-5
    • I: base prox phalange and ext expansion digit 3-5
    • N: deep branch lat plantar nerve
    • Fn: adduct, flex MTP, extend IP 3-5
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