Psychology 110

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  1. 4 Goals of Psych Research
    • 1. Describe behavior
    • 2. Predict behavior
    • 3. Explain behavior
    • 4. Control or Change behavior
  2. 5 Steps in a Scientific Method
    • 1. Define and describe a question
    • 2. Hypothesis
    • 3. Research Strategy
    • 4. Run study and Collect data
    • 5. Analyze Data
  3. What are the 2 types of hypothesis?
    Predictive and Causal
  4. What is the goal of a predictive hypothesis?
    Describe or predict relationship
  5. What is the goal of a causal hypothesis?
    Make educated guesses about how one variable will influence another variable
  6. 4 Types of Research Methods
    • 1. Naturalistic Observation
    • 2. Case Study
    • 3. Correlational Study
    • 4. Experiment
  7. Observing behavior in the environment in which the behavior typically occurs
    Naturalistic Observation
  8. An in-depth observation of one person
    Case Study
  9. the relationship between two or more variables
  10. A research method that is used to test causal hypothesis
    Experimental Study
  11. The variable that is being changed or manipulated.
    Independent Variable
  12. The variable that is the effect of the manipulation
    Dependent Variable
  13. Any factor that may affect the outcome that is not the Independent Variable
    Confounding Variables
  14. Who enforces the rules for psych research?
    Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  15. When all people have an equal chance of being selected to participate in a study
  16. The entire universe of animals or people that could be studied
    Population of Interest
  17. The portion of the population of interest that is selected for a study
  18. Participants have an equal chance of being placed in any condition of the study
    Random Assignment
  19. A research study that is not a true experiment because participants are not randomly assigned to the conditions of the study
  20. Research participants agree to participate after being told about aspects of the study
    Informed Consent
  21. Researchers do not reveal which data were collected from which participant
  22. After an experiment, participants are fully informed of the nature of the study
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