Noun Study Guide

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  1. Noun
    Is a word that names a person, place, thing or an idea.

    An idea it names something that cannot be touched.

    Ex. Anger
    (Time period, feeling)
  2. Nouns can be broken into 2 Categories:
    * Common Noun

    * Proper Noun
  3. Common Noun
    • A common noun is a noun that doesn't name a particular person, place, thing or idea.
    •  Ex. city, boy, month, state, ocean
  4. Proper Noun
    A proper noun is a noun names a particular person, place, thing or idea. 

    Ex. Milwaukee, Kenneth, October, Wisconsin, Pacific Ocean
  5. Singula Noun
    • Names one person, place, thing or an idea.
    • Ex. Shoe
  6. Plural noun
    • Names more than one person, place, thing or an idea.
    •  Ex. Shoes
  7. Singular Endings

    • Add -es
    • Thomas-Thomases
    • boss-bosses
    • porch-porches
    • bush-bushes
    • fox-foxes
    • waltz-waltzes
  8. Consonant + O
    • Add -es
    • veto-vetoes
    • potatoe-potatoes

    • some you add only an -s
    • piano-pianos
  9. Vowel + O
    • Add -s
    • radio-radios
    • studio-studios
  10. Consonant + Y
    Change y to i and add -es

    • baby-babies
    • party-parties
    • country-countries
  11. Vowel + Y
    • Add -s
    • day-days
    • turkey-turkeys
  12. F or FE
    • Sometimes change f to v and add -s or -es
    • life-lives
    • half-halves

    • roof-roofs
    • chef-chefs
  13. Possessive Nouns
    A noun that shows ownership or possession...It names who or what owns or has something.
  14. Rules for Possessive Nouns (Singular)
    Singular add an ('s) - a man's hat

    Singular that ends in (s) add an ('s) or just (') - the dress's color or the dress's color
  15. Rules for Possessive Nouns (Plural)
    Plural nouns that end in (s) add only an (') - the dogs' bone

    • Plural nouns that do not end in (s) add an (') -
    • the men's tools
  16. Collective Noun
    • A noun that refers to a group of individuals
    • Ex. class, crowd, swarm, herd, flock, team, choir, crew
  17. Concrete Noun
    • Nouns that can be perceived by the 5 senses (taste, hear, smell, see and feel)
    • Ex. deer, flower, table, dog, house
  18. Abstract Noun
    Nouns that name a feeling or emotion

    Ex. freedom, love, courage, friendship, anger
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