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  1. Name two natural sources of background radiation
    • rocks
    • radon
    • cosmic rays from space
  2. Name two man-made sources of background radiation
    • nuclear accidents
    • nuclear weapons tests
  3. What is the unit of radioactive activity?
    Becquerel (Bq)
  4. Name an advantage of nuclear power
    No carbon dioxide emissions
  5. Name some disadvantages of nuclear power
    • Nuclear waste can stay radioactive for thousands of years
    • Radiation leaks can be very dangerous
    • Storing nuclear waste is difficult and expensive
  6. Which type of radiation is used in smoke detectors?

    Alpha particles
  7. Which sort of radiation is used to measure paper thickness?
    Beta particles
  8. Which sort of radiation is used as a tracer in medical applications?
    Gamma rays
  9. Which sort of radiation is used to detect cracks in pipes and other metal structures?
    Gamma rays
  10. What is the half-life of a radioactive isotope?
    • The time taken for the number of radioactive nuclei in a sample to halve, or, the time taken for the decay count rate to halve. (These give the same number)
  11. Name 3 ways in which radioactive waste could be disposed of.
    • Any 3 of:
    •   inside bore-holes in solid rock,
    •   at sea in special containers,
    •   bury under the seabed,
    •   launch it into space,
    •   at the edge of tectonic plates so that it is dragged into the Earth's mantle
  12. Name 3 ways that workers using radiation protect themselves against exposure
    • Take care to keep exposure to a minimum
    • Use lead screens where possible (eg taking x-rays)
    • Wear radiation badges (to monitor the radiation)
  13. What is the main health problem that exposure to radiation to cause?

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