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    • Mute Swan
    • prominent black knob, orange bill
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    • Brant
    • black and white speckled necklace
    • Black Head
    • (spot missing)
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    • Wood Duck
    • thin slim beak, top lip curls over to crack nuts
    • M- rainbow wing and back, green head, yellow/orange/white bill
    • F- slender body, few rainbow feathers in wings
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    • Blue-Winged Teal
    • little bigger than Green-Winged
    • blue-green wings
    • M- white crescent on face
    • F- brown speckled
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    • Green-Winged Teal
    • only green wings
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    • American Black Duck
    • brown, blue spots on wing, hook on head, yellow paper
    • (female malard has white perimeter around blue)
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    • Northern Pintail
    • all brown heads
    • M- long tail, white chest
    • F- back and yellow beak, beak shorter, short tail, black and yellow
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    • Northern Shoveler
    • shovel beak
    • M- green and brown
    • F- no white, light brown speckle
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    • Gadwall
    • one white patch on wing
    • losing feathers
    • dark chestnut spot on wing
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    • Canvasback
    • M- sharp contrast neck (brown, black, white stripes), wedge-shaped head, broken bill
    • F- brown head and chest, salt and pepper feathers on back
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    • Snow Goose
    • grazing bill, brown/white speckled face, white body, black ends of wings (scary)
  12. 11
    • Canada Goose
    • male and female same
    • grazing bill
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    • American Wigeon
    • broken neck
    • speckled head, brown chest, white body
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    • Greater Scaup
    • bigger Scaup, green/purple head
    • full white patch across wing
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    • Lesser Scaup
    • M- black beak w/ white outline of feathers, brown head, white brown body, molting
    • F- white feathers half way down wing
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    • Common Eider
    • M- black, white, some lime green on head
    • F- larger HUGE, brown speckle
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    • Long-tail duck
    • M- sharper brown and white, black and yellow beak, brown chest, long tail
    • F- darker white, no tail (stubby feathers), mostly white chest, brown yellow beak
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    • Black Scoter
    • small bills
    • M- all black, orange/black bill "butter bill"
    • F- all brown, buzz cut hair
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    • Surf Scoter
    • M- black, 2 white patches on head (top and back), odd yellow bill, (pterodactyl)
    • F- small bill
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    • White-Winged Scoter
    • Prominent white patch on speculum (wing)
    • M- black/brown body, white spot on head
    • F- brown body, some white on head
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    • Bufflehead
    • smooth green head like merganser
    • M- rainbow(irradecent) head w/ big white patch, lots of white splattered on body
    • F- small white patch on head, splashes of white specks on body and wing
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    • Hooded Merganser
    • punked hair
    • same bill as red-breasted (long and pointy for fish)
    • white belly
    • M-Black head w/ White spot more black on back
    • F- Brown
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    • Red-breasted Merganser
    • frilly punked hair, white wing patch
    • M- black head w/ some green, sharp white neckline/collar, speckled neck and white belly.
    • F- skinny head, BIG head/chin, ripped neck, grey/white neckline
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