Medical Term - Ch. 3

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  1. anter/o
  2. caud/o
    tail (downward)
  3. cephal/o
    head (upward)
  4. dist/o
    away (from the point of attachment of the body part)
  5. dors/o
  6. infer/o
  7. later/o
  8. medi/o
  9. posteri/o
    back, behind
  10. proxim/o
    near (the point of attachment of a body part)
  11. super/o
  12. ventr/o
    belly (front)
  13. bi-
  14. uni-
  15. -ad
  16. -ior
    pertaining to
  17. anterior (ant)
    pertaining to the front
  18. posterior
    pertaining to the back
  19. inferior (inf)
    pertaining to below
  20. superior (sup)
    pertaining to above
  21. distal
    pertaining to away (from the point of attachment of a body part)
  22. proximal
    pertaining to near (to the point of attachment of a body part)
  23. dorsal
    pertaining to the back
  24. ventral
    pertaining to the belly (front)
  25. caudal
    pertaining to the tail
  26. cephalic
    pertaining to the head
  27. anteroposterior (AP)
    Pertaining to the front and to the back
  28. posteroanterior (PA)
    Pertaining to the back and to the front
  29. lateral (lat)
    pertaining to a side
  30. medial (med)
    pertaining to the middle
  31. unilateral
    pertaining to one side (only)
  32. bilateral
    pertaining to two sides
  33. mediolateral
    pertaining to the middle and to the side
  34. mediad
    toward the middle
  35. cephalad
    toward the head
  36. frontal or coronal
    vertical field passing through the body from side to side, dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions
  37. sagittal
    vertical fielld running though the body from front to back, dividing the body into right and left sides
  38. midsagittal
    divides the body into right and left planes
  39. transverse
    horizontal field dividing the body into upper and lower portions
  40. umbilical region
    around the navel
  41. epigastric region
    directly above the umbilical region
  42. hypogastric region
    directly below the umbilical region
  43. hypochondriac regions
    to the right and left of the epigastric regions
  44. lumbar regions
    to the right and left of the umbilical regions
  45. iliac regions
    to the right and left of the hypogastric region
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