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  1. 1. Operational briefs shall be conducted __________ and __________ major events, and should be attended by __________team members involved.
    before and after, all
  2. 2. What are the PPE Rules of Thumb?
    • 1. IDENTIFY the required PPE in advance of use.
    • 2. TRAIN/QUALIFY on proper use and fit.
    • 3. WEAR IT without fail.
  3. 3. As included in the General Safety Rules on working cargo, mark the following statements as True or False.
    A. _____ Always reach up for a load.
    B. _____ Never stand in the bight of a line or wire.
    C. _____ Never stand under a load.
    D. _____ Walk behind a load, never in front. E. _____ It is acceptable to ride on a load or sling.
    F. _____ When landing a load, never pull. Always push.
    • A. False
    • B. True
    • C. True
    • D. True
    • E. False
    • F. True
  4. 4. Who is responsible for testing and rating load bearing equipment such as a wire rope, end fittings, or a crane?
    The manufacturer
  5. 5. When you divide the __________ __________ by a __________ __________ (normally five), you find the Working Load Limit.
    breaking strength/safety factor
  6. 6. Initially operating a piece of mechanical equipment over its full range of motion is part of the:
    Operational checks
  7. 7. Coast Guard vessels have many crane and boom construction variations. List three basic parts of a crane�s nomenclature.
    • a. Pedestal
    • b. Boom
    • c. Falls
  8. 8. What protects wire rope and chain from becoming over-twisted when the load rotates?
  9. 9. List the three types of small boat launching equipment employed onboard a Coast Guard cutter:
    • a. Luffing Davit
    • b. Slewing Arm Davit (SLAD)
    • c. Gantry Crane Hoist
  10. 10. List PPE required to be worn by all boat lowering detail personnel.
    • a. Personal Flotation Device
    • b. Hardhat
    • c. Safety Footwear
    • d. Additional gear per conditions
  11. 11. What is a metal cylinder that creates friction on the line and enables the person manning the line to easily maintain positive control, keeping it from paying out unintentionally?
    Ratchet roller drum
  12. 12. The crossdeck operator has to work in conjunction with the _____ .
    Crane operator
  13. 13. What does an inhaul winch do?
    The inhaul winch is used to raise and lower the mooring chain of a buoy by spooling the mooring chain on a large drum.
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