Idioms Unit 14-22

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  1. a drop in the ocean
    a very small amount that will not have much effect
  2. fall short
    not reach a particular level
  3. go halves
    share the cost of something
  4. it's a broad as it's long
    you can not choose between two thiengs because there are equal
  5. keep up with the Joneses
    try to be rich
  6. line you pocket(s)
    obtain money by acting dishonestly
  7. tidy sum / amount
    large sum / amount
  8. a home from home
    a place where you feel as realax as you do in your own home
  9. blot on the landscape
    something that makes a place looks less attractive
  10. in the sticks
    in an area far from town or city
  11. on the street
  12. on the town
    spening the evening enjoying yourself in bars
  13. satellite town
    town which is close on a lager one
  14. cry over spilt milk
    waste time feeling upset about something
  15. fly off the handle
    suddenly become very angry
  16. give something a miss
    decide not to do something
  17. grin and bear it
    aceept a difficult situation without complaining
  18. keep a straight face
    remain serious and not laugh
  19. keep your hair on
    used for telling someone not to get angry
  20. kick yourself
    be very annoyed because you made a mistake
  21. let off steam
    shout or do something that allows you to get  ride of anger
  22. let sleeping dogs lie
    leave a person or situatio alone if they might cause trouble
  23. up in arms about
    angry and complaining about something
  24. under somebodys thumb
    completely controlled by someone else
  25. take the law into your own hads
    punish someone in your own way without involving the police
  26. bury your head in the sand
    ignore a problem or an unpleasant situation
  27. take the upper hand
    take controll oder advantage
  28. throw the book at somebody
    punish someone very severely
  29. pull (a few) strings
    use your influence inorder to get something you want to help someone
  30. the edge over
    an advantage that makes someone or something more successful
  31. steal the show
    reiceive a lot of attention because you give the best performance
  32. pride of place
    in the place that is most central or important
  33. last word in
    the newest and best type of something
  34. draw the line
    say that you will definitely allow or accept something
  35. over the top
    more than what is considered normal
  36. clean as a whistle
    completely honest or legal
  37. below par
    below the usual or expected standard
  38. add fuel to the fire
    make a bad situation worse
  39. Achilles'heel
    a weak feature of someone or something
  40. a sight for sore eyes
    someone or something taht you are very pleased to see
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