Medical Terminology Unit 1

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  1. acrodermatitis
    inflammation of the skin extremities
  2. acromegaly
    enlarged extremities
  3. acroparalysis
    paralysis of the extremities
  4. adjective
    descriptor, modifies nons
  5. anemia/ anemic
    lack of blood, noun/adjective
  6. appendix/ appendices
    glandular structure below the cecum, singular/ plural
  7. bacillus/ bacilli
    rod-shaped bacteria, singular/ plural
  8. bacterium/ bacteria
    microorganism group, singular/ plural
  9. brianstem
    brain structure that includes: midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata
  10. carcinoma/ carcinomata
    cancerous tumor (epithelial origin), singular/plural
  11. carpus, carpal, carpi
    wrist bone(s), (noun/adjective/plural)
  12. chickenpox
    viral infection with Varicella zoster
  13. combining form
    word root plus a vowel
  14. compound word
    word made of two or more word roots
  15. condyle/condylar
    rounded bony process (noun/adjective)
  16. contraction
    condition of shortening a body part, tension, muscle function
  17. crisis/ crises
    acute (severe) situation (singular/plural)
  18. cyanosis/ cyanotic
    condition of blueness (noun/adjective)
  19. cytometer
    instrument that measures (counts) cells
  20. dermatitis
    inflammation of the skin
  21. dermatology
    the study of the skin, medical specialty 
  22. disease
    abnormal function or condition
  23. extension
    stretching or elongation
  24. gastrectomy
    excision of the stomach
  25. gastric
    stomach (adjectival form)
  26. gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  27. gastroduodenoscopy
    examination by looking into the stomach and the duodenum with a scope
  28. gastroduodenostomy
    make a new surgical opening between the stomach and duodenum
  29. hydrocele
    herniation or sac containing water (fluid)
  30. hydrophobia
    abnormal fear of water
  31. hydrotherapy
    therapy using water
  32. hyperthyroidism
    overactive thyroid condition
  33. ilium/ iliac 
    upper pelvic bone, noun/adjective
  34. inflammation
    condition defined by redness, swelling, pain, and warmth
  35. inject, injected, injecting
    put in using a needle, verbs
  36. injectable
    able to be injected (adjective)
  37. larynx/ larynges
    voice box (singular/plural)
  38. lymphadenopathy
    disease of a lymph gland
  39. microbe
    very small organism
  40. microfilm
    image reduced to small size on film
  41. micrometer
    one millionth of a meter
  42. microscope
    instrument used to look at small structures
  43. microsurgery
    surgery using a microscope
  44. mucus/ mucous
    watery substance produced by a membrane, (noun/adjective)
  45. neurospasm
    nerve spasm (twitching)
  46. noun
    name of a person, place, or thing
  47. practitioner
    one who practices 
  48. prefix
    placed before a word root to change its meaning
  49. psychiatrist
    specialist in treating mental disorders
  50. radiographer
    one who makes x-ray images
  51. sensitivity
    quality of being sensitive
  52. spermatozoon
    sperm (pl. spermatozoa)
  53. suffix
    follows a word root to change its meaning or part of speech
  54. thermometer
    instrument that measures temperature
  55. transport
    carry across
  56. verb
    action or state of being word
  57. vertebra/ vertebrae 
    spinal bones (singular/plural)
  58. vomit, vomited, vomiting
    evacuate stomach contents (verbs)
  59. word root
    base of a word
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