Intro Programming in VisualBASIC - Chapter 1

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  1. What are the fundamental building blocks of programming?
    Control (or Logic) Structures
  2. What is an algorithm?
    A set of step by step instructions to accomplish a task.
  3. What are the 3 types of Control/Logic Structures?
    • -Sequence Structure
    • -Selection/Decision Structure
    • -Repetition/Iteration Structure (or Loop)
  4. Which control structure is used in every program?
    Sequence Structure
  5. What does a Sequence Structure do?
    directs computer to process program instructions, one by one, in the order listed.
  6. What does a Selection structure do?
    Directs computer to make a decision and then select an appropriate action based on the decision.
  7. What is another name for selection structure?
    Decision structure
  8. What does a Repitition structure do?
    Directs the computer to repeat one or more program instructions until some condition is met.
  9. What are some other names for Repitition structure?
    iteration structure and loop
  10. What is another name for control structure?
    Logic Structure
  11. Is an algorithm written in computer code?
    No, it is a basic set of English instructions to be translated into computer code later.
  12. What is an iteration?
    One pass through a loop/iteration/repitition structure. (i.e. performing the instruction(s) once, before repitition starts.) A loop tells the computer how many iterations there are. (i.e. how many times it should perform the set of instructions - either a specific number, or until some condition is met)
  13. What controls the flow of a program's logic?
    Control/Logic structures
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CS 1121 - Intro to Programming in Visual BASIC.NET - Chapter 1 - Control Structures. Topics: Control Structures, Sequence Structure, Selection (or Decision) Structure, Repition (or Loop/Iteration) Structure, Algorithms.
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