Head and Neck Assessment

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  1. Branchial cleft cyst
    • congenital lesion formed by incomplete involution of the branchial cleft
    • cyst is usually solitary, painless, and located in the lateral neck
    • discharge may occur if associated with the sinus tract
  2. bruit
    sound that may be detected in the hypervascular thyroid
  3. bulging fontanel
    a condition of the fontanel that may indicate  increased intracranial pressure
  4. craniosynostosis
    • a condition that results from the premature closing of sutures before brain growth is complete
    • lead to a mishapen skull¬†
  5. cholasma
    • facial discoloration common during pregnancy
    • also called the mask of pregnancy
  6. encephalocele
    neural tube defect characterized by the protrusion of nervous system tissue through a defect in the skull
  7. facies
    general appearance of the face, head, and neck that is characteristic of a specific condition
  8. graves disease
    • an autoimmune disorder that leads to an overproduction of thyroid-stimulating hormone
    • characterized by exophthalmia (bulging eyes)
  9. Hashimoto disase
    • an autoimmune condition characterized by the production of antibodies against the thyroid gland
    • usually leading to hypothyroidism
  10. hyperthyroidism
    overactivity of the thyroid
  11. hypothyroidism
    • underactivity of the thyroid
    • more common that hyperthroidism
  12. macewen
    sign associated with increased intracranial pressure after fontanels are closed
  13. mastoid fontanel
    • a third (abdominal) fontanel
    • common in Down syndrome
  14. microcephaly
    • a condition in which the circumference of the head is smaller than normal
    • associated with mental retardation
  15. molding
    an abnormal shaping of the infant's head causing by the shifting and overlapping of bones during vaginal delivery
  16. Myxedema
    • skin and tissue disorder usually caused by severe prolonged hypothyroidism
    • characterized by mucinous edema of face
  17. ossification
    • bone tissue formation
    • begins in sutures after brain growth is completed
  18. salivary gland tumor
    a growth or mass in any of the salivary glands, but most commonly occurring in the parotid gland
  19. sternocleidomastoid
    referring to an area extending from upper sternum to the mastoid process
  20. thyroglossal duct cyst
    a palpable cystic mass in the neck
  21. thyroid
    largest endocrine gland
  22. tic
    a spasmodic contraction of the face, head, or neck
  23. torticollis (wry neck)
    • a condition in which the neck is twisted
    • often the result of birth trauma or intrauterine malposition
    • acquired torticollis may be caused by tumor, trauma, palsy of cranial nerve IV, muscle spasm, infection, or drug ingesion
  24. transillumination
    procedure used to evaluate suspected intracranial lesion or increasing head circumference in infants
  25. webbing
    excessive posterior cervical skin
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