Animal Vocabulary

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  1. Bill
    the hard part of a bird's mouth; birds use their bills to eat, to carry things, and to build nests.

  2. Feathers
    the light, fluffy part of a bird that cover its body; feathers keep birds warm and help them fly

  3. Fly
    to travel through the air; baby birds learn to fly after feathers grow on their wings.

  4. Nest
    a place birds build to lay their eggs and raise their young; most birds use mud, grass, plant parts, or stones to build their nests.

  5. Hatch
    to break out of the egg

  6. Wings
    the feather-covered limbs of a bird; birds flap their wings to help them fly

  7. Shelter or habitat
    a place whre a person or an animal can be safe.

  8. appearance
    what something looks like.

  9. growth
    is an increase in size.
  10. What do all animals need to live and grow?

  11. What kind of food do pandas eat?
    • plants
  12. Name another thing animals need to live and grow.

  13. Where do animals get water?

    ponds, rivers, lakes

  14. Why do animals need air?
    They need air to breath and live.
  15. Name two body parts that help different animals get air.
    • lungs (animals)
    • gills (fish)

    Compare the fish and the polar bears.  How is their appearance different?
    • The fish have scales.
    • The polar bears have fur.
  17. Name the different ways animals move.
    • They can run.
    • They can fly.
    • They can swim.
    • They can jump.
  18. How are puppies and the adult do alike?
    • Puppies look like small dogs.  They look alike.  They look like their parents.  
    • JUST LIKE ME!!!!
  19. How are a butterfly and a caterpillar different?

    Caterpillars do not look like their parents.  They look different from butterflies.
  20. organisms

    living things (examples:  plants and animals)

  21. diet

    what an animal eats

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