International Business Gr 12

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  1. The type of advantage when companies outperform their opponents in areas such as
    pricing, service and quality is:

    a.       Absolute
    b.     Competitive
    c.       Comparative
    d.      none of the above
    30 Major US companies
  3. S&P 500
    500 largest US companies
  4. NASDAQ 
    major US technology companies
  5. S+P/TSX
    major canadian companies
  6. Rising interest rate will
    slow businesses
  7. Gross Domestic Product
    measures the dollar amount of production within a country 2-3% is considered good
  8. Infastructure
    the large scale public systems services and facilities of a country or region that are necessary for economic activity 
  9. Unemployment
    The number of people looking for a job who cannot find one. 6% 
  10. Inflation CPI
    consumers price index - tracks the percentage increase for a number of goods and services

  11. Interest Rates
    affect the amount of money being borrwoed and spent 
  12. Trade Deficit
    imports are greater than their exports
  13. Trade Surplus
    exports are greater than their imports
  14. Tariffs
    a tax imposed by the local gov. on good and services coming into a country. 
  15. Protectionism
    using tariffs on goods..  to impede imports of foreign goods to protect domestic producers
  16. Capital Intensive
    requiring a substantial investment of money in machinery. 
  17. Services
    activities that individuals perform to assist other individuals
  18. Foreign direct investment 
    subsidiary operation or a joint venture in a foreign country, used when a company in one country wishes to expand into another country 
  19. Inderdependence
    the reliance of two or more groups on the actions of one another to fulfill needs
  20. Advantages of doing business in canada - 6
    Human Resources, Lower production/business cost, positive business climate, seamless north american market access, business infrastructure and quality of life
  21. Business Cycle
    • Embryo - bufferbox
    • Growth - ip5
    • Maturity - cod
    • Decline - myspace
    • (Rebrith) - bb
  22. Nominal GDP
    does not take into account that prices have risen due to inflation 
  23. Comparative Advantage 
    more productive for two countries to specialize in producing one product
  24. Absolute Advantage
    when a country can produce a product relative to another country at a lower cost or high rate of productivity. 
  25. Global Thought

    How well

    How much 
  26. Intellectual Capital 
    is the sum of knowledge, information.. talents and experience within a country or an organization
  27. Private Sector

    Public Sector

  28. Auto Pact
    trade agreement between canada and america - cars
  29. Patent
    exclusive rights to the inventor
  30. Fiscal Cliff
    end of last years temporary payroll tax cuts
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