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  1. As A matter of fact:
    • Actually
    • Example: Pierre's restaurant was always busy. He thought he was the best chief in town. But, as a matter of fact, people only ate there because his prices were the cheapest.
  2. About time:
    Nearly time, high time. "It's about time you bought a new car!"
  3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder:
    Proverb that means that our feeling for those we love increases when we are apart from them.
  4. (To) act high and mighty:
    To act proudly and arrogantly.
  5. Actions speak louder than words:
    Proverb meaning that's it's better to do something about a problem than to talk about it.
  6. (To) act one's age:
    To behave in a more mature way. Frequently said to a child or teen. ex. "Bill, stop throwing rocks! Act your age!"
  7. (To) add fuel to the fire:
    To make a bad problem even worse.
  8. (To) add insult to injury:
    To make a bad situation even worse.
  9. Against the clock:
    To attempt to do something "against the clock" is to attempt to do something as fast as possible usually before a deadline.
  10. All-out:
    Complete. Very strong. "They did an all-out search for the missing boy and they found him."
  11. All set:
    Ready (to go). "All set?"
  12. All thumbs:
    Awkward. Clumsy.
  13. A little bird told me:
    When someone says "a little bird told me" it means they don't want you to know who told them.
  14. All in a day's work:
    Typical. Normal. Expected. ex. "Talking to famous celebrities is all in a day's work for some Hollywood reporters."
  15. (From) all walks of life:
    (From) all social, economic, and ethnic groups. ex. "People from all walks of life voted for him, but he still lost the presidential election."
  16. Apple of someone's eye:
    Someone's favorite person (and sometimes thing). ex. "Sarah was the apple of Tom's eye for quite a long time. He was very much in love with her."
  17. Armed to the teeth:
    Heavily armed. ex. "The rebels were armed to the teeth."
  18. At all hours (of the night):
    Very late at night, throughout the night. ex. "Her boyfriend would call her at all hours of the night."
  19. At each other's throats:
    Fighting or arguing heavily. ex. "They were at each other's throats. The arguments never stopped."
  20. At this stage:
    At this point. ex. "At this stage, it's difficult to say who will win the election."
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