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2013-01-30 06:46:29
Positive Self talk Scripts Re programming

Positive Self-talk Scripts to reprogram attitudes - v. 2013.1.29
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  1. Criticism will not upset
    the person who receives the criticism.
  2. If they are important to me AND expect me to do something,
    I do not have to do it.
  3. My value as a person
    does not depend on what you think of me.
  4. I do not need your approval
    to be happy.
  5. I do not give up my own interest
    in order to please you.
  6. Being isolated from you
    does not make me unhappy.
  7. If I love you BUT you do not love me,
    it does not mean I am un-lovable.
  8. If I care about you and you reject me,
    it does not mean something is wrong with me.
  9. If you dislike me,
    I am not bound to be less happy.
  10. I can find happiness
    without being loved by you.
  11. I do not need to be useful, productive, creative
    for my life to have purpose.
  12. I do not need to be outstanding, in at least one major respect,
    to be worthwhile.
  13. Failure at work or school
    does not mean I am a failure.
  14. If I do not do as well as you,
    it does not mean I am a failure.
  15. People who have good ideas
    are not more worthy than me.
  16. If I am a good husband, significant other, etc.,
    you are not obligated to love me.
  17. If I put your needs before mine,
    it does not mean you will reciprocate.
  18. Obstacles to getting what I want
    is not a reason to get frustrated.
  19. My belief that I deserve something
    is no reason to expect getting it.
  20. If I do nice things for you,
    it does not mean you are obliged to reciprocate.
  21. It is not shameful
    for me to display my weaknesses.
  22. If I cannot do something well,
    it does not mean there is no point in doing it.
  23. Not setting high standards
    does not make me second rate.
  24. I am not upset
    if I fuck-up.
  25. I do not have to be good or best
    at everything I undertake.