SAT Vocab

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  1. Prosaic (adj)
  2. Nefarious (adj)
  3. Cursory (adj)
    performed hastily
  4. Foster (v)
    cultivate, nurture
  5. Tenacious (adj)
    persistent or stubborn; holding fast
  6. Anecdote (n)
    a short account
  7. Pessimistic (adj)
  8. Elaborate (adj)
    planned with great care, painstaking
  9. Vindicate (v)
    to clear of accusation or suspicion
  10. Boorish (adj)
  11. Anachronism (n)
    something out of its correct chronological or historical order
  12. Laudatory (adj)
    containing or expressing praise
  13. Commendable (adj)
    worthy of great praise or approval
  14. Equitable (adj)
    characterized by fairness and impartiality
  15. Holistic (adj)
    emphasizing the importance of the whole
  16. Eclectic (adj)
    comprising individual elements from a wide variety of sources
  17. Consensus (n)
    general agreement or accord
  18. Nostalgia (n)
    a longing for a former place or time
  19. Disparity (n)
  20. Lament (v)
    to mourn for
  21. Depict (v)
    to represent or characterize in words or pictures
  22. Zealous (adj)
    motivated by zeal; enthusiastic
  23. Embody (v)
    to represent in bodily or tangible form
  24. Cathartic (adj)
    delivering catharsis; emotionally purging
  25. Idiosyncrasy (n)
    a habit or characteristic peculiar to an individual
  26. Elucidate (v)
    to make lucid or clear, to explain
  27. Advocate (n)
    one who acts in support or defense of a person or cause
  28. Partisan (adj)
    biased in support of a party
  29. Censure (v)
    to express disapproval, to criticize or blame
  30. Florid (adj)
    reddish or rosy
  31. Apprehensive (adj)
  32. Eloquent (adj)
    characterized by clear, persuasive speech
  33. Refute (v)
    to prove to be false
  34. Naive (adj)
  35. Mundane (adj)
  36. Deride (v)
    to ridicule
  37. Lucid (adj)
    clear; rational
  38. Mock (v)
    to ridicule, defy
  39. Irreverent (adj)
    showing lack of due respect
  40. Arrogance (n)
    display of self-importance or superiority
  41. Ineffable (adj)
    defying expression or description
  42. Defiant (adj)
    boldly resisting authority or an opposing force
  43. Consummate (adj)
    complete or perfect in every respect
  44. Magnanimous (adj)
    generous in forgiving; unselfish; free of resentment
  45. Rhetorical (adj)
    used for style or effect only
  46. Felicitous (adj)
    well suited for the occasion, appropriate
  47. Obstinate (adj)
  48. Intemperate (adj)
    given to indulgence; not moderate
  49. Superfluous (adj)
  50. Novel (adj)
    new; different
  51. Pragmatic (adj)
  52. Brevity (n)
    the quality of being brief in time or duration
  53. Exemplary (adj)
    worthy of imitation; estimable; praiseworthy
  54. Quell (v)
    to suppress; to put an end to; to pacify
  55. Adept (adj)
    very skilled, able or proficient
  56. Solicitous (adj)
    anxious or concerned; careful; eager
  57. Somber (adj)
    dark; dimly lit; gloomy
  58. Speculate (v)
    to think or reflect; to conjecture
  59. Cite (v)
    to quote as an authority or example
  60. Venerate (v)
    to regard or treat with reverence
  61. Aesthetic (adj)
    pertaining to what is beautiful
  62. Disparage (v)
    to speak of with disrespect, belittle
  63. Conciliatory (adj)
  64. Erratic (adj)
    having no fixed or regular course; lacking consistency
  65. Sanguine (adj)
    optimistic, hopeful or confident
  66. Ethical (adj)
    in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct
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