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  1. What's up with your Non-IT degree and IT
    minor/job seeking?
    • Initially,
    • I started out in Journalism/PR writing a lot. I enjoyed
    • writing/interviewing/giving speeches & presentations, but I also had the IT
    • minor because I've always been fascinated by computers & technology since
    • my parents got their first computer when I was 8.
    • It ended up being that I naturally picked up IT concepts easily and wanted to
    • keep learning past the minor.
  2. What are your goals?
    • My
    • main goal is to never stop learning. There is no degree/certificate I could get
    • or job I could find myself in where I could say "alright I've had enough
    • learning".
    • -Continue higher education
    • -Work toward leadership positions: I like being in charge of things.
    • -Specifically in this job: Develop
    • the skills I already have, learn new ones, all while benefiting the company
  3. What's something an obstacle you had to
    • 1.
    • Had a really, really bad semester in Fall 2010. Stayed up all night studying
    • for one class while neglecting another, burned out. To overcome, I
    • -kept calendars and to/do lists everywhere to set short-term and long-term
    • goals
    • -Learned to calm down and worry about handling one thing before thinking about
    • another
  4. Leadership Experiences?
    • US
    • Army Leaders Training Course (LTC) Summer 2010
    • 4 weeks of intense teamwork/leadership challenges. A lot of military training
    • and discipline but also things that could apply to management in a regular job:
    • -accountability for your supplies and personnel
    • -planning for contingencies
    • -all while under high stress
  5. My flaws
    • -Not enough of a pragmatist. I tend to take a lot of time
    • weighing my options before making decisions.
    •                 I'm fixing this by keeping
    • an open mind and trying more opportunities out of my comfort zone

    • -I'm not awesome at math. Never have been.
    •                 But I found this website
    • called Khan Academy that takes you from elementary 1+1 = 2 math through
    • trigonometry and really advanced concepts , and I'm working through that from
    • the bottom up getting little badges and awards and understanding things the
    • right way this time.
  6. My Strengths
    • -No
    • fear of public speaking. I've done a million presentations, briefings,
    • interviews. I enjoy it.
    • -I'm industrious: Had to take 3 accelerated-pace classes at the same time in
    • Summer 2011. I had to be at school from 9 am to 1015 pm 4 days a week, one of
    • those classes was Intermediate Japanese and we had tests every week and quizzes
    • every day. Got straight A's that semester.
    • -An upperclassman in an ROTC class was mentoring me one day and giving me
    • feedback for my leadership positions for the semester. He said "People
    • seem to be drawn to you and want to be around you", so building
    • relationships with people
  7. What questions do you have for me?
    • -What's the typical day in the workplace like with this position?
    • -Are there opportunities for training/advancement?
    • -Also, I thought it was worth mentioning about secret clearance: I've been granted a network clearance as needed by DoD
  8. Hobbies
    • -Electronic
    • Music Production. I'm learning how to use Professional software right now and
    • I'm tinkering with some equipment.
    • -Foreign language acquisition. I spend a lot of time on language-learning
    • websites building vocabulary and learning grammar. I haven't had time for this
    • for awhile until just recently.
    • -I lift a lot of weights. This is my second year of dedicated weight
    • training.
  9. Tell me about yourself
    • Well,
    • as you can tell by my resume I'm a recent graduate at GMU. I have a degree in
    • communication and a minor in IT, a couple certifications, and I've been playing
    • with computers since I ruined my parent's first one in 1998. I love learning.
  10. Tell me about your certifications
    A+: Solidified my understanding of the inner-workings of the computer, very basic networking/OS concepts. Was mostly troubleshooting, I think one test entirely was troubleshooting.

    Network+: Gave me a wide [but shallow]  general knowledgebase about networking concepts. Things like the purpose of firewalls, how they work, a little bit of security (IDS/IPS), types of encryption, physical technologies. How TCP/IP works, various protocols, NATing.
  11. Tell me about your SQL experience
    I took a MySQL class that was like an intro to databases, and a more intermediate Oracle course that was about database management. 

    Searched tables, Created tables, views, triggers, used various joins. 

    Also got to play with Procedural Language for the second half of the course, which was cool because it was a lot like Java. Made mini-pseudo programs that would receive information, perform an operation, retrieve data
  12. Tell me about your programming experience
    • Originally a C++ course and also a Java course. Java was more recent (and I did better in it), so it's more fresh in my memory. 
    • Very basic object-oriented programming fundamentals, how to break down large problems into smaller ones, and then use java procedures/functions to manipulate data.
  13. Tell me about the navy exchange
    • Back when I was 18 I lived in Japan because my parents were in the military.
    • I worked at the NEX, which is basically like a general department store in the electronics section.
    • Your resources overseas are pretty limited overseas, so if people had problems with their computers/printers/routers/whatever, they had to either go off base, see the overpriced repair guy, or come to me. Even though my job was supposedly just to sell things and answer questions, I ended up taking a look at a lot of home electronics and playing doctor. 

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