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  1. Conceptual knowledge
    Knowledge of the courses subject matter
  2. Procedural knowledge
    The ability to apply conceptual knowledge to new problems by using the disciplines methods of thinking
  3. Literature review
    Important research will be conducted on the problem
  4. The two important aspects of the reading process.
    (1) readers use their previous experiences and knowledge to create meaning from what they read.

    (2) context influences meaning.
  5. The purposes of the author whose text you are reading?
    (1) change your readers understanding of subject matter(2) increase in knowledge or clarity of understanding.(3) radically reconstruct the readers whole view of a subject.
  6. Questions rhetorical readers ask?
    1. What questions does the text address?

    2. Who is the intended audience?

    3. How does the author support his or her thesis since an evidence?4. How does the author of the intended readers interest and keep the reader reading?

    5. How does the author make himself or herself seem credible to the intended audience?

    6. Are this writer's basic values, beliefs, and assumptions similar to or different from my own?

    7. How do I respond to this text?

    8. How do this author's evident purposes for writing fit with my purposes for reading?
  7. Five common college writing assignments?
    1. Writing to understand course content more fully

    2. Writing to report your understanding of what a text says

    3. Writing to practice the conventions of a particular type of text

    4. Writing to make claims about a text

    5. Writing to extend the conversation
  8. What does reading rhetorically mean?
    Draws attention to the writers relationship to and intentions toward an audience.
  9. Generally using readings as models of a genre involves the following activities?
    Identifying the features that characterize a particular type of text

    Noting the ways in which a rhetorical situation affects the features identified in model texts

    Coming up with your own topic in reason for writing this particular type of text

    Using the features of the model text (or texts) and your own rhetorical situation to guide your writing.
  10. What is annotated bibliography?
    Summarizing sources related to particular topic or question, or in a literature review at the beginning of report for science class.
  11. Analyze?
    Take apart
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