The Steamie Quotes

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  1. Money troubles
    "nane o'us have goat much money"
  2. Women have to work day in and day out
    • "You get up at the crack of dawn. Then you've got to go to work"
    • Magrit
  3. Mrs Culfeathers can't afford to retire
    • "I'll gie Mrs Culfeathers a wee haund"
    • Doreen
  4. Can't afford to waste necessities like water
    • "This'll save me washin ma feet the night"
    • Dolly
  5. Hygiene isn't important, can't afford baths
    • "He has wan twice a year"
    • Magrit
  6. Poor housing conditions - dirty and infested
    • "They've got a cat... ah think it's rats"
    • Magrit
  7. Doreen's Dream
    • "That's ma dream, a hoose in the countryside wi' a television, a bath"
    • Doreen
  8. They wish to escape the poor housing conditions
    • "Ah've put my name doon fur a hoose in Drumchapel"
    • Doreen
  9. Men are alcoholics
    • "He's lying up there drunk already"
    • magrit
  10. Can't afford to drink
    • "...Unless it's a special occasion. It's a man thing"
    • Dolly
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