Spanish Verbs

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  1. Abrir
    to open
  2. Asistir
    to attend
  3. Bailar
    to dance
  4. Beber
    to drink
  5. Buscar
    to look for
  6. Cerrar
    To close/shut
  7. Comenzar
    to start
  8. Comer
    to eat
  9. Comprar
    to buy
  10. Comprender
    to understand
  11. Contestar
    to answer
  12. Dar
    to give
  13. Decir
    to say
  14. Dormir
    to sleep
  15. empezar
    to start
  16. Escribir
    To write
  17. Escuchar
    to listen
  18. Estar
    to be
  19. Hablar
    to talk
  20. Hacer
    • to do
    • hacer un viaje- to take a trip
    • hacer un pregunta- to ask a question
    • hacer ejercicio- to excercise
  21. Ir
    to go
  22. jugar (juego)
    to play game/sport
  23. Leer
    to read
  24. llevar
    to carry
  25. Mirar
    to look at
  26. Nadar
    to swim
  27. Pedir (pido)
    to ask for
  28. pensar (pienso)
    • to think about
    • pensar +inf -to plan to do something
  29. Poder
    to be able to
  30. Poner (pongo)
    to put/place/turn on
  31. Preferir
    to prefer
  32. Preguntar
    to ask
  33. Querer
    To want
  34. Repetir
    to repeat
  35. Saber (se)
    to know facts/info
  36. Salir (salgo)

    to leave/to go out
  37. Ser
    to be
  38. Tener
    to have
  39. Tocar
    to touch
  40. Tomar
    to take
  41. trabajar
    to work
  42. traer (traigo)
    to bring
  43. Usar
    to use
  44. Veder
    to sell
  45. Ver
    to see
  46. Vivir
    to live
  47. Acabar de +inf
    To have just done something
  48. Ayudar
    to help
  49. Cenar
    to have/eat dinner/lunch
  50. cocinar
    to cook
  51. Conocer (conozco)
    To know/be acquainted with a person/place/thing
  52. contestar
    to answer
  53. Desayunar
    to have/eat breakfast
  54. Esperar
    to wait for/to expect
  55. invitar
    to invite
  56. llamar
    to call
  57. merendar (meriendo)
    To have a snack
  58. Preguntar
    to ask/have a question
  59. Saber +inf
    to know how to do something
  60. Descansar
    to rest
  61. Oir (oigo)
    To hear/to listen to
  62. Perder (pierdo)
    To lose, to miss
  63. Servir (sirvo)
    to serve
  64. Ver (veo)
    to see
  65. Volver (vuelvo)
    • To return (to a place)
    • volver a +inf - to do something again
  66. Celebrar
    To celebrate
  67. Pasar
    • To spend time
    • to happen
  68. Quedarse
    To stay/remain in place
  69. Seguir (sigo)
    To continue
  70. Acostarse (me acuesto))
    To go to bed
  71. Banarse
    to take a bath
  72. Despertarse (me despierto)
    To wake up
  73. Divertirse (me duermo)
    To have a good time
  74. Dormirse (me duermo)
    to fall asleep
  75. Ducharse
    To take a shower
  76. Levantarse
    to get up/out of bed
  77. llamarse
    to be called
  78. Peinarse
    to brush ones hair
  79. Ponerse (me pongo)
    To put on clothing
  80. Quitarse
    to take off clothing
  81. sentarse (me siento)
    to sit down
  82. Vestirse (me visto)
    to get dressed
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