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  1. bard
    N. poet. The ancient bard Homer sang of the fall of Troy.
  2. baroque
    ADJ. highly ornate. Accustomed to the severe lines of contemporary buildings, the architecture students found the flamboyance of baroque architecture amusing. They simply didn't go for baroque.
  3. barrage
    N. barrier laid down by artillery fire. The company was forced to retreat through the barrage of heavy cannons.
  4. barren
    ADJ. desolate; fruitless and unproductive; lacking. Looking out at the trackless, barren desert, Indiana Jones feared that his search for the missing expedition would prove barren.
  5. barricade
    N. hastily put together defensive barrier; obstacle. Marius and his fellow students hurriedly improvised a rough barricade to block police access to the students' quarter. Malcolm and his brothers barricaded themselves in their bedroom to keep their mother from seeing the hole in the bedroom floor. alsoV.
  6. barterer
    N. trader. The barterer exchanged trinkets for the natives' furs. It seemed smarter to barter than to pay cash.
  7. bask
    V. luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth. Basking on the beach, she relaxed so completely that she fell asleep.
  8. bastion
    N. fortress; defense. The villagers fortified the town hall, hoping this improvised bastion could protect them from the guerillas' raids. .
  9. bate
    V. let down; restrain. Until it was time to open the presents, the children had to bate their curiosity. bated,ADJ.
  10. bauble
    N. trinket; trifle. The child was delighted with the bauble she had won in the grab bag.
  11. bawdy
    ADJ. indecent; obscene. Jack took offense at Jill's bawdy remarks. What kind of young man did she think he was?
  12. beam
    N. ray of light; long piece of metal or wood; course of a radio signal. V. smile radiantly. If a beam of light falls on you, it illuminates you; if a beam of iron falls on you, it eliminates you. (No one feels like beaming when crushed by an iron beam.)
  13. beatific
    ADJ. giving bliss; blissful. The beatific smile on the child's face made us very happy.
  14. beatitude
    N. blessedness; state of bliss. Growing closer to God each day, the mystic achieved a state of indescribable beatitude.
  15. bedizen
    V. dress with vulgar finery. The witch doctors were bedizened in all their gaudiest costumes.
  16. bedraggle
    V. wet thoroughly; stain with mud. We were so bedraggled by the severe storm that we had to change into dry clothing. bedraggled,ADJ.
  17. beeline
    N. direct, quick route. As soon as the movie was over, Jim made a beeline for the exit.
  18. befuddle
    V. confuse thoroughly. His attempts to clarify the situation succeeded only in befuddling her further.
  19. beget
    V. father; produce; give rise to. One good turn may deserve another; it does not necessarily beget another.
  20. begrudge
    V. resent. I begrudge every minute I have to spend attending meetings; they're a complete waste of time.
  21. *beguile
    V. mislead or delude; pass time. With flattery and big talk of easy money, the con men beguiled Kyle into betting his allowance on the shell game. Broke, he beguiled himself during the long hours by playing solitaire.
  22. behemoth
    N. huge creature; monstrous animal. Sportscasters nicknamed the linebacker "The Behemoth."
  23. belabor
    V. explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; attack verbally. The debate coach warned her student not to bore the audience by belaboring her point.
  24. belated
    ADJ. delayed. He apologized for his belated note of condolence to the widow of his friend and explained that he had just learned of her husband's untimely death.
  25. beleaguer
    V. besiege or attack; harassed. The babysitter was surrounded by a crowd of unmanageable brats who relentlessly beleaguered her.
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