BIOL Quiz 2

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  1. Describe "tissues"
    • Groups of similar cells with identical functions
    • 4 types
  2. What are the 4 types of tissue?
    • epithelial
    • connective
    • nervous
    • muscle
  3. Where is epithelial tissue found? Are they secretory?
    • Grandular epithelium
    • yes
  4. What are the 3 types of epithelial tissues?
    • Exocrine glands
    • endocrine glands
    • epithelial linings
  5. Describe exocrine and endocrine glands
    -Give examples
    -Are they ducted or ductless?
    Exocrine glands--ducted; ex. sweat, salivary, liver, pancreas

    • Endocrine glands--ductless; ex. hormones
    • -uses bloodstream for delivery
  6. Describe epithelial linings
    • line outer and inner surfaces
    • thin and weak
    • underlain by basement membrane (connective tissue)
    • no vessels or nerves
    • Ex. Epidermis (skin)
  7. Epithelial lining is categorized by 2 things:
    -What are those 2 things?
    -what is the criteria for each of those categories?
    • # of cell layers
    • -simple: 1 layer
    • -stratified: >1 layer
    • -pseudostratified: simple, but appears stratified
    • --always columnar, usually ciliated

    • Cell shape:
    • -squamous
    • -cuboidal
    • -columnar
    • -variable
    • --Ex. transitional epithelial or urinary bladder
  8. Where do you find these types of epithelial cells?
    -Simple squamous
    -Simple columnar
    -Simple Cuboidal
    -Stratified squamous
    • Simple squamous--capillaries, alveoli, glomeruli
    • Simple columnar--most organs of the digestive tract (ex. stomach, small & large intestine)
    • Simple cuboidal--surface of ovaries, lining of nephrons, parts of the eye and thyroid
    • Stratified squamous--outermost layer of skin, inner lining of mouth, esophagus and vagina
  9. Describe connective tissue:
    -where is it found?
    -what does it do?
    • All over body
    • mostly binds and supports
    • A few living cells in a matrix (surrounding environment)
  10. The matrix is composed of 2 things:
    • protein fibers
    • ground substance
  11. What protein fibers are in the matrix?
    -Describe each
    • Collagen--white fibers, unbranched, tough
    • Elastin--yellow, branched, & elastic
    • Reticulin--black, branched, tough
  12. what are examples of ground substance in the matrix?
    • bone
    • cartilage
    • fat
    • blood (WBC's and plasma)
  13. What are the 7 types of connective tissue?
    • areolar
    • adipose
    • reticular
    • dense fibrous
    • cartilage
    • osseous
    • hemopoietic
  14. Describe areolar connective tissue
    • loose fibers in a soft gel
    • "packing material"
    • lines major vessels & nerves--supports them during articulation
    • 2nd line of defense against infection
  15. Explain how areolar connective tissue is the second line of defense against infection
    • underlies the skin (first line of defense)
    • full of macrophages--activated when infection arrives and seeks bacteria
  16. Describe adipose connective tissue
    -what 3 things make up this cell?
    • Fat cell
    • consists of adipocytes in loose fibers
    • larger than other cells
    • composed of cytoplasm, nucleus, and fat vacuole
  17. Describe reticular connective tissue
    • supports parenchyma (soft tissue)
    • stroma--dense fibrous support composed of reticulin for soft organs (liver, spleen)
  18. What are the 3 types of dense fibrous connective tissue?
    • elastic
    • regular
    • irregular
  19. What are examples of elastic dense F.C.T?
    • mostly elastin
    • Ex. lungs, arteriole walls
  20. Explain regular dense F.C.T
    • Mostly collagen (unbranched)
    • fibers are parallel
    • Ex. tendons and ligaments
  21. Explain irregular dense F.C.T
    • mostly collagen (unbranched)
    • fibers are randomly arranged
    • Ex. pericardium (fat around heart), dura mater, heart valves, and sclera (whites of eyes)
  22. What are the 3 types of cartilage?
    • hyaline cartilage
    • fibrocartilage
    • elastic cartilage
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