BIOL Quiz 3

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  1. How many bones are there in the body?
  2. What 2 parts is the skeletal system divided into?
    the axial and the appendicular
  3. what major bones make up the axial skeleton?
    • skull
    • vertebrae
    • rib cage
  4. What two categories make up the appendicular skeleton?
    upper and lower limbs
  5. What are the functions of the skeletal system?
    • protection
    • movement (with muscles)
    • --Bones act as levers
    • --joints act as pivots
    • Mineral storage
    • Blood cell production by red marrow (RBC's, WBC's, plateletets)
  6. Explain the mineral storage of the skeletal system
    • mostly calcium
    • some phosphorus
    • when calcium runs low in blood, it can be extracted from skeleton
  7. What are the 2 types of bone tissues? Describe them.
    • Spongy bone--aka cancellous bone; lacy network of bone fibers (trabeculae)
    • Dense bone--outter lining; covers spongy bone as well
  8. what are the spaces filled with inbetween trabeculae?
  9. what are the 4 bone shapes?
    • long bones
    • short bones
    • flat bones
    • irregular bones
  10. which bones are long bones?
    Bones of the limbs:

    • humerus
    • radius
    • ulna
    • femur
    • tibia
    • fibula
    • phalanges
  11. what are the two main parts of a long bone?
    -Describe each.
    • Epiphysis--located at either end of bone (top and bottom); wide for joint stability and attachments
    • Diaphysis--contains medullary cavity; refers to core part of bone
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Skeletal System

Skeletal System
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